Top 5 Considerations While Choosing the Best Mobile Game Development Company in India

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People love mobile games. Unlike the traditional computer and console-based games, mobile games are admired for their portability as they can be played anywhere – while waiting for a train or in the middle of a boring party or simply anywhere. The momentous popularity of Temple Run, Candy Crush, Angry Birds, Subway Surfer and many others validate the acceptance of these games as one of the greatest sources of entertainment in today’s world.

So, if you plan to develop a mobile game, it may turn out to be a great revenue-earning idea that would help you earn a fortune in just few days. However, it is also worth mentioning that only few of the hundreds of thousands of games launched on regular basis are able to achieve the goal. It takes an out-of-the-box idea, an exceptional gamer experience and a talented team of mobile game developers to register the success.

Do you have a brilliant idea that has the potential to turn into an engaging gaming experience? If yes, the next thing you need is the right mobile game development company in India to execute it. The problem is that your search for a company would lead to scores of options, making it difficult to choose the best one. Take help from the following tips to proceed.

Solutions that Exactly Match Your Requirements

The very first step is to understand your own requirements for a new mobile game. Do you want to develop a game for Android, Windows, iOS or any other platform? Which mobile game genre do you think your game idea belongs to? Some of the popular genres include puzzle, matching puzzle, strategy, racing, action, adventure, simulation, role-playing and more. Also, there are augment reality or AR-based games that has a huge base of gaming audience. Based on your needs and choices, you can search among companies that precisely cater to them.

You may find outsource iPhone app development offering a wide range of solutions, offering development services in many or all of these categories. To choose among them, you can spend time checking their portfolios to have an idea of the types of games they have been developing so far.
Are the Developers Experienced Enough?

When it comes to game development, experience counts a lot. Now, the experience of different development companies can be evaluated in two different ways. First, look for the companies that have been around for years and boast of a team of highly experienced and knowledgeable mobile game developers. Second, look for the companies that might be just few years old but have developed some of the bestselling mobile games in the market.

In addition, assess the technologies and game development kits that the developers use. For example, mini mobile games can be developed using HTML5 and JavaScript, while high-end games demand Java, Swift and other technologies. Devote time to evaluate the credentials and reputation of different companies online, especially at the popular game stores. Reviews from the gaming industry experts as well as gamer and game owners like you can also help you decide.

Know the Game Development Process

The process of mobile game development consists of different steps and stages with a lot of detailing happening at every stage. Without a clear and well-defined process, a mobile game development team can never reach the desired outcomes. Make sure that the company you choose outlines the process in advance and shows willingness to stick to it. Some of the most important stages of the process include:

  • Understanding and conceptualizing the client’s idea 
  • Adding valuable inputs to make the concept even more meaningful
  • Designing the game’s style and looks that are fresh and unique
  • Sketching the objects, characters, backdrops and other elements of the game
  • Working on the user interface
  • Developing codes for different elements of the game
  • Putting together all the elements
  • Quality testing and fixing the issues
  • Reviewing the final product for submission
  • The final game launch

Also, the company should offer post-development and after-launch support as well as further development of new updates and versions in the future.

Ask the Time to Market

The turnaround time of a game can be a crucial factor for its success. First of all, you must research and look into the insights regarding which part of the year has been the best for the launch and success of different mobile games. If you have already decided the time or month of the year during which you wish to launch the new game, the game development team should adhere to it and the final product should be available for the submission and launch accordingly.

However, it is necessary that the company doesn’t compromise with the quality of the game simply to meet the deadlines. For this, make sure that the team keeps you updated about the development progress regularly. You should evaluate the process to ensure that they will be no delays or quality glitches for the final product.

Finally, the Mobile Game Development Cost

Based on the aforementioned tips, you are most likely to shortlist some of the top mobile development companies. Now, the final step is to compare the prices quoted by each one of them and choose according to your budget as well as the prevailing costs in the industry. Again, there should be no quality compromises simply to hire a company with average reviews but low quote against the one with top reviews but higher quote.

Usually, the cost of developing a mobile game depends on the factors like the platform you choose, the type of games you want to develop (simple 2D and mini mobile games would obviously cost you lower than games with complex elements), features you wish to add, number of people working in the team and development time. Make sure you know each of these factors in advance so that you choose the most appropriate quote.

Developing a mobile game with the huge potential to sell is indeed a difficult task. However, hiring the best development company contributes dramatically in achieving the aim. Make sure you devote a plenty of time and research before the final choice.

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