YouTube Video Converter for a Different Format of 2020

YouTube Video Converter for a Different Format

YouTube is one of those online-streaming sites where you can watch any video clips you wish to see. But there is one unavoidable condition- that is to have continuous access to YouTube videos, you need to be online. On the other hand, certain YouTube video converters will give you some ease. You can download the videos you wish to watch later in your PC with the help of these video converters. And guess what! While watching, you can remain offline and save your data. Here are the most trending YouTube video converters for different formats of 2020.

1). 4K Video Downloader:

This is a fuse free converting site for YouTube videos and other video sites for the WINDOWS operating system. A 4K video converter is a very first port to call when it comes to having accessible downloads of all videos, subtitles, annotations from all the popular and authentic video sites. As the name suggests, this converter software can even handle resolutions up to 4K on availability. The features one gets here are usually the features of a ‘Premium Software,’ but this one is unexpectedly free. From YouTube to Vimeo and Daily-Motion, this site has a subscription of converting 24 files back to back videos on unlocking the premium subscription. But while using this downloader site, you can convert a certain small selection of videos in a specific format only.

2). Free YouTube Download:

From the family of DVDVideoSoft, you can get one of the best converters for YouTube videos- the Free YouTube Download. It is equipped with the capacity to convert 25 videos at a time once they are downloaded. It has a super-clean interface with all available options to be tucked into an Options menu. You can choose to shut down once your video is downloaded. You can also download via proxy and ctrl+V URLs from clipboards automatically. If you are not a premium user, you will only download one video at a time, but if you upgrade your account to the Premium version, then there are advanced options as well. This is the best YouTube converter. It supports lots of export formats along with the capacity to support HD video formats.

3) Free YouTube- MP3 Converter-

This video converter is best available for both Windows and macOS. One of the best features that this converter has is it reduces the audio file from the video file and save it in your PC or any other device, maintaining the quality. Here, you can line up multiple videos for conversion and download, and you still will find a clear interface every time you search for it. Besides, this converter provides you the opportunity even to download a whole channel; if you are ready to have the patience for a long time. Another advantage of using this converter is that if you are on a downloading spree, it automatically shuts down the system once the download is complete. It is by far the best video downloader for PC.

4) Any Video Converter FREE:

Any Video Converter FREE is accessible in both Windows and macOS. It can also convert files from any source, including CD, locally stored files, along with YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, and Live-Leak. The only problem of this converter is it is full of options to go through before finally starting the download. But the interface is quite neat with tooltips to explain each function. Two automatic sites will need your permission to download it- ByteFence and a Yahoo extension. If you want to avoid it, then you can go to the ‘click here to customize the installation’ link and uncheck the two download boxes. It is a famous free-video downloader as well.

5) YTD Video Downloader:

It is supportive of both Android and Windows OS. Though this is not a video converter that will work for all video sites, but you can convert videos from the most popular video hosting sites like Facebook, College-Humor including YouTube. It converts the audio files from MP3 and MP4 to WNV, FLV, MOV, 3GP, and AVI. It has multiple numbers of versions. It says that the latest version is better functioning- faster and more stable than the previous versions. But, as it has so many pros, it has a few cons as well. It is bundled software. That means it comes with a WebDiscover browser bundled with it, and it is almost impossible to avoid it. Still, apart from this con, it has many other pros that mostly none of the other video converters has. It is why it is considered to be the best YouTube converter for android.

Technology has gone too far to provide us with unexpected things. Previously we were limited inside the boundaries of the internet and availability of it. But now, with the help of these converters, we can enjoy videos non-stop even being at bay from internet service.   

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