Women’s Health Problems: What to Know and When to Seek Help


The healthcare industry is not without problems but women have historically had a tough time getting heard here. We may have a whole month for breast cancer awareness, which is mostly a women’s disease. However, women’s health involves so much more than that. 

Besides being aware of your own health problems as a woman, it’s also essential to know how to prevent and deal with these issues. The journey can be a long and confusing one. So, check out some of the most common problems to get started: 


Around 60 percent of stroke-related deaths in the U.S. happen to women. Make sure you know the warning signs of a stroke, including speech problems, arm weakness, arm numbness, etc. Time is a major factor here. So, it’s essential to get treatment immediately. 


There is currently an epidemic of Type 2 diabetes in the U.S. Women are just as likely to get it as men. The main risk factor for this disease is obesity. Therefore, women should pay careful attention to their weight and diet. 

Obesity and diabetes combined can increase the chances of kidney disease, strokes, and heart disease. With a healthy lifestyle, though, we can both prevent and manage Type 2 diabetes and its related issues. 


Menopause is usually considered to be something you get later on in life. But there’s also early onset menopause to consider. Both conditions are something that will adversely affect your health as a woman. Hot flashes, mood swings, sleeping issues, night sweat – the prospect isn’t a pretty one. 

If you notice any of these symptoms or are nearing the age for them, it’s time to take extra care of yourself. Get a lot of exercise, maintain a healthy weight, eat clean, and see the best ObGyn physician in Rockwall or your local area if you’re having trouble managing. Stress management is also a large factor here. So don’t be afraid to seek help for it. 


This is a silent disease that affects around 50 percent of all women. This is why women have to start precautions for protecting their bones quite early on. Teenage and childhood years are essential for building up bone mass, as it peaks by age 30 for most women. Even if you’re past that stage, taking the recommended amount of Vitamin D and calcium can help to strengthen your bones. 

Autoimmune Diseases

78 percent of all reported autoimmune diseases seem to affect women. This occurs when the immune system starts to malfunction and attack healthy body tissues. While you may not be able to prevent these, regular check-ups can help to get an early diagnosis. This will give you a relatively easy way of managing the disease. The key here is to pay attention to persistent symptoms and consult the right doctor.


Breast cancer may be the kind we think about the most when it comes to women’s health. However, skin cancer is the most common one in the U.S. Uterine, lung, and colon cancers are also almost as common as breast cancer if you combine their statistics. To prevent this, it’s essential to put on sunscreen, perform monthly self-examination of the breasts, quit smoking (including second-hand smoke), and always consult a medical centre gynecologist for irregular menstrual cycles or abdominal issues. 

The Takeaway

Fortunately, most of the top health concerns for women are preventable. Make sure to keep the conditions discussed above in mind when you start feeling a little down. Working on your immunity, in general, will also help to stave off or fight most conditions that might otherwise get serious. At the end of the day, there are a lot of aspects to women’s health. So, stay alert and be kind to yourself! 

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