Why You Should Go for an Air Cooler over an Air Conditioner?

air conditioner

Air conditioners and air coolers are electrical appliances that are designed to provide you with effective relief from hot and dry weather conditions.

But multiple differences set them apart. Both come with advantages and disadvantages that may make all of them favourable and not for the end-users.

In the article that you are going to read, we will be discussing why an air cooler is a better alternative than an air conditioner to keep cool. Read on!

• Cost

An AC is always associated with carrying a higher investment cost, along with maintenance expenses. All working issues, if any, need to be checked by a certified professional. Thus, every visit may lead to adding up to the total investment cost. If you are an average middle class Indian household, then it may be tough to manage such a device. Air coolers are affordable, and its investment cost is up to 80% lower than that of an AC. There is also no higher maintenance cost involved, and it makes for a suitable alternative to beat the heat for many Indian households. You also take care of the maintenance yourself by going through the user manual.

• Installation

The installation of an air conditioner at your desired place could be a tough task. Get in touch with a technician to visit you and get your AC fixed. You will also need to pay for the services even when you are buying a new air conditioner. Air coolers don’t need any installation as such. Once you fix it at your desired place in the room, you only need to find an active socket to switch it on. You can now plug it and let it take care of the heat.

• Electricity consumption

An AC consumes a large amount of electricity to function and provide you with consistent cooling. Anyone planning to buy an AC should be aware to notice a considerable spike in the power bills the next month. The overall light bill depends on factors like daily hours of operation, thermostats, installation styles and model’s energy efficiency. To save more on power bills while using an AC for longer hours, an inverter AC would be the perfect device type to go for. Air coolers, on the other hand, consume about 20-30% of what your AC consumes. To enjoy an efficient cooling, you can go for the air cooler.

• Environmental conditions

ACs negatively affects our environment as they emit harmful gases while operating. The exhumed gases trap heat and deplete Ozone layer leading to global warming. Air coolers have no environmental hazards on our environment as coolers work on the basis of evaporation. The outside hot air is taken to run it via the water soaked cooling pads to cool the room. There is no chemical involved in doing that at all.

• Insulation needs

For an air conditioner to cool your room considerably, you need to have a closed space. Once you open windows and door or if there are leaks in the room, they fail to perform. Air coolers don’t need any such pre-conditions to work. Be it indoors or outdoors; they perform increasingly well. All that is needed is the consistent supply of hot external air and a window or space to push out extra humidity.

An AC may be an ultimate solution to keep cool, but it also comes with diverse negatives, including the higher investment and maintenance cost.

An air cooler is a highly cost-effective and hassle-free device to keep cool without maintenance.

What’s more, using an air cooler also contributes towards having a healthier environment. If you can compromise a bit on the level of cooling in your room, then you can bring home an air cooler without further thoughts.


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