Why You Should Choose Silk Pillowcases Over Cotton Pillowcases


These days people are getting fascinated by Silk Pillowcases. Traditionally, people used cotton pillowcases. These cotton pillows attract dust and dirt, also, they can absorb oils and moisture from you hair and skin and then clog your pores if you are not changing them on a regular basis. This is an ideal condition to attract bacteria and converting those pillowcases into a breeding ground. Your skin can get breakouts on your back, shoulders, face, and wrinkles resulting in you looking old and overage. Not only your skin, but these pillowcases can also be bad for your hairs as well.

These demerits of cotton pillowcases have helped the silk pillowcases to gain popularity. Apart of being a beautiful addition to your bedroom, these silk pillowcases contain some health benefits as well.

Let us get a look at some of the benefits a silk pillowcase can contribute to:- 

Silk has hypoallergenic property, which means, it can prevent the hosting and attack of germs and allergens such as dust mites, molds, etc. Therefore, no allergic reactions will be irritating you. Silk being 100% natural, contains no chemical, unlike many other pillowcases that are grown by the use of many pesticides and chemicals.

Silk is made of fine, smooth fibers making the pillowcase utra-smooth and silky. Unlike the cotton pillowcase that has coarser surface and may create friction in your hair, get them tangled and even break the follicles. This friction can cause the skin to lose its suppleness and feel rough on the surface, creating a gateway to lot of skin problems. Whereas silk pillowcase feels light, smooth, and silky that glides on the skin and retains skin’s moisture keeping it hydrated, glowing, soft and supple.

Silk is a natural thermal insulator, therefore, it can control the heat and keep you cool in summer and warm in winters. Also, it does not clog your pores. So, sleeping on a silk pillowcase will also allow your skin and hairs to breathe and shine.

There are plenty of reasons why might facing this acne issue. Acne can invade your perfectly clean skin because of allergy, hormones, and many other reasons. While silk pillowcase cannot treat your acne, it can surely prevent the breakouts because of its clean surface and hypoallergenic properties. A cotton pillowcase cannot help you in this because of its coarser surface and property to absorb all the skin and hair oils that eventually get mixed up with dirt and can be destructive to your skin.

Think of all the money you invested in essential facial and hair care. This beauty regime can get destroyed by your cotton pillowcase as it will absorb all that treatment you thought your skin might get help from during the night time, what a mess!

The use of a silk pillowcase can help you get your spa time right as it is much less absorbent and can keep all your products just where it should be.

The range of silk pillowcase at tafts.com is very exciting with very amazing playful as well as neutral colors. That can improve the aesthetics of your bedroom making it more elegant and beautifully sophisticated.

Purchase the Silk pillowcase right away and see the improvements in just a week and understand the benefits you might be getting for the long term.

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