Why Vacations Matter

Why Vacations Matter

Holidays are a luxury to the majority of the population. They can be extremely expensive in many ways, and if you do not get paid time off from work, it can be even more difficult to get the time off you need.

This systematic issue prevents everyone from getting a vacation, something which is essential to everyone and which everyone deserves.

This piece is going to take a close look at why holidays really matter. Spoiler alert – it’s not just for the Insta pics.

Life Is for Living

Some may argue that we have been sold a lie that life needs to be all about work, hustling, and the next project, but unless you are enjoying yourself, you are just going through the motions.

Switch Things Up

Our day-to-day life can often feel monotonous, as we have obligations that cannot be missed. This can suck our lust for life out of us. Routine is king – the same grocery store, the same bar, the same route to work – and this is where vacations can help. What many of us are far less accustomed to is a beach swim on a hot day or a luxury pamper day at Maui resorts. Take the dullness out of your day by enjoying a vacation that can offer you some crucial refreshment for body and mind.

Make Memories

Making memories helps shape our identity, how we feel about the world, and how we feel about our life. This is why it is important that we do things that make us happy and feel whole. Memories also help form and maintain a strong bond between those who are a part of the experience, and a holiday is an excellent way to do this.

Spend Quality Time with Loved ones

A holiday is another great means of spending time with loved ones. It should be a time where everyone gets to relax together and experience fun things that they might not get to do very often. Family holidays can be a pinnacle of taking you out of the day-to-day routine of chores, deciding what is for dinner, taking everyone to and from their various afterschool activities, and offer more time to focus on building family bonds and having quality time together. Developing these relationships will not only benefit your vacation, but you will also continue to reap these rewards long after you have gotten home.

Do what you can to create time to go on holiday or an extended break no matter where it is!


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