Why PDFs are an Understudy’s Closest Companion

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Technology has taken the world by storm. With heavy dependence on the usage of technology for everything, things have changed dramatically. Gone are the days of writing your homework in long sheets and submitting it. In the current post-pandemic world, everything is online. From assignment submission to exams, everything is now in a different format.

PDF format is now widely used and accepted across the globe. It’s professional, it’s accessible, and it’s safe. 

Here are 5 reasons why PDFs are a student’s best friend.

Save on storage

PDFs are highly efficient and utilize only a small space. It converts any large document which takes a lot of space into a small-sized document. You can store multiple PDF files in half the storage space taken by other formats. Sharing PDFs via mail is also easy.  

High flexibility

Conversion of any document to PDF is a very easy task. A good converter can quickly turn files from any format to a PDF and vice versa. PDFs are also very flexible because you can convert them to any format you need. Jpeg, doc, Jpg, anything is possible with a PDF. 

It’s also very easy to edit a PDF. You can add e-signatures, dates, stamps, and watermarks to PDF documents easily. Convert PDF to Word online today. 

High portability

Another reason why PDFs work very well is because of high portability. They can be opened from any operating system on both laptops or handheld devices. There is no trouble accessing the file with a PDF. 

Many times when sharing a document as a Word file, there are issues regarding formatting. With a PDF, there is no issue, and the receiver gets the document as intended. It preserves the alignment as it is. This is important to ensure your teacher gets a well-formatted document where everything is intact. 

Use an easy PDF to Word converter today. 


Another reason why PDFs are a student’s best friend is because of hyperlink features. A viewer can click on hyperlink text and go to the website directly. This allows easy access and quick loading. This is especially useful in cases when you are quoting other websites and research papers. It allows your teacher to understand the references and credibility of your work. 

Easy feedback option

PDFs are very useful when you are seeking feedback on your drafts or assignments. A teacher can easily grade you on it, give comments, write notes and provide feedback. It helps in clear understanding for both the student and teacher. 


A very important reason why PDfs can be a student’s best friend is because of their safety. There are multiple options to encrypt your documents. This allows easy transfer of confidential information without any privacy breach. The password is only given to the intended receiver. This allows safe and easy transfer of information. 

PDFs are an easy to use accessible file format. They allow quick transfer of information in a well-formatted safe manner. Make PDF formats for your best friend today for all important school work. 


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