Why Every Company Should Start a Branded Podcast

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Podcasts have been increasingly popular in recent years. Brands are now realizing their full potential. Considering the short attention span of other forms of media, branded podcasts are a great way to interact with audience on a personal level. Podcasting is a form of advertising. Branded podcasts have been used by businesses for a long time. While many businesses, large and small, have sought to use branded podcasts, not all have been successful.

But first, let me explain what branded podcasts are and why this topic is important to you right now.

What is the definition of a branded podcast?

Branded podcasts are a type of content marketing that aims to provide real value to listeners. On the one hand, there’s the traditional interview podcast (95% of all podcasts?), and on the other, there’s the storytelling podcast. We believe that employing the second style, which involves additional formatting, different scripting, and putting the story first, can help you stand out. Don’t take the term ‘branded podcast’ too literally, because focusing too much on your own brand will simply turn off your listeners. “What should I include in the content of my branded podcast?” you might wonder. People enjoy hearing stories! Consider your brand value as a good place to start.

In the rest of this post, I’ll show you how some of the world’s biggest businesses, start-ups, and even non-tech brands have used branded podcasts in innovative ways.

1. Building Authority

When it comes to establishing authority, podcasts come out on top. Podcasts, unlike other forms of entertainment, are highly personal and provide an intimate experience. Podcasts help to establish enhanced states of engagement that are susceptible to brand mentions because of their intimate nature.

This is mirrored in a study conducted by BBC Global News in late 2019. Branded podcasts increase brand awareness by 89 percent, consideration by 57 percent, favourability by 24 percent, and buy intent by 14 percent, according to the BBC.

Let’s take a peek at the Spotify podcast for the record.

Before Spotify entered the podcasting space in 2019, Apple was the most popular podcasting platform. Spotify, on the other hand, has steadily grown into a serious competitor to Apple Podcasts. The brand’s new show For the Record aims to provide “fresh insights on timely themes” by bringing together “leaders from the music, podcast, and technology industries as we explore and reveal stories about our profession and the world around us.”

2. Broaden your audience’s reach

Any developing brand or business must expand its audience reach and reach newer parts of its audience. Advertisements, white-hat SEO, partnerships, and other forms of marketing have traditionally been where brands have spent their marketing dollars. However, here’s one example of a company that employed a branded podcast to broaden its audience. 

3. Podcast listeners are very interested in what they’re hearing.

Are you aware that 75% of podcast listeners respond to advertising messages? This implies they’re more likely to click on advertising, click on affiliate links, or buy your products. Plus, according to research, they have more spare income, with the average listener earning over $75,000 each year! As a result, you’re more likely to see a higher rate of return on your investment.

4. Podcasts let you establish yourself as an expert.

Audio is excellent for conveying information, regardless of how long or in-depth it is. People retain twice as much information from audio as they do from text, according to recent memory research and audio editing services. Podcasts allow you to discuss a wide range of topics without losing your listener’s attention. By allowing you to delve into a topic in-depth, you may establish your company or brand as an authority. Furthermore, real talks have a way of staying with us, which no other media can match.

5. Podcasts increase website traffic and help you rank higher in search engines.

Podcasts can help your website in a variety of ways. They enhance traffic to your site, the average time spent on it, and the number of backlinks it receives, all of which are used by Google as ranking factors. You can also publish a transcript, show notes, or related information on a dedicated page of your website, which will be indexed by search engines when you record a new episode.

6. Podcasting is a low-cost option.

A branded podcast is a reasonably inexpensive technique of consumer acquisition when compared to other forms of advertising. Expenses connected with printing are eliminated by using digital content. Furthermore, while it is possible to spend a lot of money on high-end recording, podcast editing, and production equipment, businesses can save money by hiring freelancers for specific services, for example, can assist them in producing a high-quality podcast for a fraction of the expense of traditional advertising or public relations. As a brand, you may establish the cost per minute of human attention by using listening time as an engagement metric to measure how the material affects your listeners. In comparison to traditional media, a podcast show is perhaps a much more long-term sustainable plan, yet it provides for far more exposure than a one-minute television commercial.

7. Integrate your podcast with other marketing efforts.

Because your branded podcast is such a valuable asset, you’ll want to promote it as much as possible. As certain that your social media email marketing, public relations, content marketing, and other departments are aware of the new show so that they can assist you in its promotion.

People nowadays spend the majority of their time on their smartphones and tablets. Statista estimates that there will be 4.78 billion active mobile phone users worldwide. It’s all about being where your customers are with podcasts. It’s a great time to create authority because more people are going mobile every day. Get your business included in directories, apps, and other locations where customers can simply listen and tune in on their phones.

Lastly, Podcasts are ideal for spreading your message, inspiring people, and promoting your services. They open up a whole new way for you to drive traffic to your brand when you use them in your marketing strategy.


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