Why Do You Need A Gun Belt For Concealed Carry?

gun belts

When people think of carrying concealed they mainly focus on their firearm and do not pay attention to its gear to carry. Some people may invest in a solid holster, and it is always a good idea. So, what most people may ignore will be investing in good quality gun belts.

If you have carried the gun for some time, you come to know with the wrong gear even the smallest gun will be a bit uncomfortable. The new concealed carriers will go through the process of finding what firearm works for them and give up if it is uncomfortable. Most of the users that give up will not consider that the cheap leather belt will be the primary cause of the discomfort. It is where the quality belt comes into play. The word gun belt is probably an important piece of the gear in the concealed carry rig.

Type of Problems That Gun Belt Will Solve

An issue of having the good belt will solve covers plenty of ground – and many of that new (even experienced) gun carriers might not associate with a belt that they are using. It will be anything from the back and the hip pain to concealment and comfort issues that come from a firearm pulling down part of pants and allowing this to slouch outward or print badly.

Can Belt Make Your Gun Carrying Comfortable?

Apart from reducing the concealment level, if you do not have the right gun belt with you, then your comfort will suffer a lot of and you will have a lot of problems. As we have discussed before, comfort is one important factor that you need to consider when planning to carry. Sadly, we have seen a lot of cases where people who try the concealed carry gave up due to the comfort and, trust me, the gun belt plays an important role.

Now when you are choosing the gun belt, we keep you well-covered. The gun belts aren’t just good-looking, but they’re built particularly to carry the weight of the gun as well as any extra accessories like the magazine holster. With the 3 best models out there in the market, the best and professional Gun Belts are made with quality materials as well as made keeping in mind the safety features. The multiple color options generally allow for the right belt to go with the right clothes, whether it is the favorite blue jeans pair or best suit.

The majority of the issues that come from the poor belts come because of its sagging as well as flopping allowed by the weak belts. But, when it comes to the concealment, the pistol & holster sagging outward and dragging a particular side of the pants down will make it quite obvious what you are planning to do there. This also causes some comfort issues as a top part of the gun flopping out will cause a muzzle to dig in you or having something pulling aside of the clothing out or down will be plain uncomfortable.


The Gun Belts are one highly overlooked part of the gear for the shooter and concealed permit holder, hopefully, I have helped you to keep you in the right direction and make sure you choose the right one. Just keep in mind, you want the gun belt that will stay flat and will be of the right use to you. Make use of the right gear for this job: and riggers for competing & Liger for daily life.

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