Why Bangkok is the Number 1 Digital Entrepreneur Destination

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The world shrank with the arrival of jet air travel and add to that the high level of digital connectivity and there are no longer geographical boundaries for digital entrepreneurs. Add to that the low cost of 5-star accommodation and a to-die-for cuisine and you have a very attractive proposition.

Domestic IT Services

All your IT needs can be handled by a single provider and with the best digital marketing agency in Bangkok in your team, long-term success is assured. Web hosting is a local specialty and a single provider is all you need, plus costs are much lower than in the west. Broadband Internet is standard in Bangkok and wherever you decide to live, hi-speed Internet is a given.

Low Cost of Living

Bangkok is the cheapest city to live in the world and it isn’t backward in any respect; for a few hundred dollars a month, you can live in a 5-star condo development with a pool and fitness room and free Wi-Fi. The street food is out of this world and even 5-star restaurants are affordable while getting around on the Skytrain is quick and cheap. A taxi from the airport to Bangkok would cost around $7, just to give you some idea about costs and Bangkok is the city that never sleeps, with a nightlife that is second to none.

Colourful Thai Culture

The Thais are a very proud race of people; Thailand is the only Southeast Asian nation that escaped colonisation and they have a long and colorful history. The Thai people are very hospitable and they are warm to foreigners, especially those who make an effort to speak the local language and it is only by communicating with the local people that you get a real insight into Thai culture. Thailand is predominantly a Buddhist country and there are many beautiful Buddhist temples all over the country, which are central in Thai culture. There are countless Buddhist festivals throughout the year when the locals visit their nearest temple and pay homage to their ancestors. 

Managing your Online Business

Such is the infrastructure in Thailand, you could live anywhere and still be able to manage your online business; many digital nomads live on tropical islands in the south and why not indeed? If you get a 4G sim card, you can hotspot your laptop and unlimited data is less than $25 per month. Check your business inbox while drinking fresh fruit drinks on an idyllic beach and there are many unique restaurants where you can use the Wi-Fi. There’s a lot of interest in data analytics, which this article highlights.

Setting up your Business in Thailand

It makes perfect sense if you are planning to live in Thailand to register your business here and this offers several key benefits; you can legally work and obtain long-term visas, plus you can reap the many benefits offered by the Thai Board of Investment when you register your business in the Royal Kingdom.

As you can see, there are a lot of reasons why digital entrepreneurs flock to Thailand and as the world reopens, check with your local Thai Embassy regarding entry requirements. Start with a holiday and if that works out, start to think about making a life-changing move to the Royal Kingdom of Thailand.


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