Why Are Personal Bowling Alleys Becoming Popular in the US

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Bowling has definitely changed over the years. For example, it moved from nine-pin bowling to the current ten-pin format. Once the rage throughout the 50s, 60s, and 70s, bowling has seen a steady decline since the 1990s. In 1965, there were 12,000 public bowling alleys, but by 2013 the number of bowling alleys fell to just 5,400. It’s too soon, however, to bid adieu to the game. A report by White Hutchinson reveals that there has been a huge change in the income demographics of people who now support bowling.

While earlier the game was predominantly played by blue-collar workers, it is now favored by high-income-earning, white-collar professionals. The report found that around 42 percent of bowlers in 2007 were from the $75,000 or higher income group, and around 25 percent of people belonged to the $100,000 income group.* The days of league bowling are certainly over. For the young set that’s now patronizing the game, it is a recreational sport to be enjoyed with friends, family, and colleagues, while socializing after work or during the weekends. At Fusion Bowling, we have been installing personal bowling alleys across the United States since 2011. We customize one- to four-lane alleys for homes and multifamily properties, according to the client’s tastes, style, and interior décor. Some of the reasons why our clients preferred a home bowling alley over a public center include:

• It’s a Place to Entertain Friends and Family:

Like it was said earlier, bowling has moved from being a competitive sport to a recreational activity. People who are looking to entertain their friends during the weekend install a home bowling alley for a fun evening, with snacks and beverages usually involved. Some projects we’ve worked on in the past include a fully functional built-in bar alongside the home bowling alley, and this is often the centerpiece of the client’s entertaining setup.

• It’s an Ice-Breaker:

Corporate companies are installing personal bowling alleys as a part of their in-house entertainment centers. They usually install one- to two-lane alleys and use them during a corporate party or networking event, encouraging guests to mingle with one another.  The informality around the bowling alley allows newcomers to loosen up and become familiar with the company’s work culture.

• It’s a Perfect Entertainment Idea for Small Events:

Multifamily properties, like resorts, country clubs, etc., often host small private events like bachelorette parties, birthdays, anniversaries, fundraisers, etc.  A personal bowling alley can keep guests entertained and busy. Some clubs offer party packages and some even offer to customize the experience for you with customized light work and even a DJs

If you’re interested in personal bowling alleys and bowling alley dimensions, call us for a personal quote.

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