Which Type Of Garage Door Motor Is Right For The Garage?

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There are 3 main types of garage door openers in the market – belt driven, chain driven and direct drive. Finding the right garage door motor will depend on your door, requirements and budget.Visit Steel-Line.com.au for more info.

Let’s Look At The Three Different Motor Types –

1.Belt Driven Garage Door Motors – Belt driven openers run on a rubber belt and are as reliable as chain drives. They are centre mounted and attached to the door through the hockey arm connector. They are virtually silent when operating so if your garage is attached to the house and you don’t like the noise involved with garage doors, belt driven motors are the best choice. There are various brands and models to suit all those weights and sizes. Belt driven door motors cost more than chain drives.

2. Chain Driven Garage Door Motors – Chain driven garage door motors are the same as belt driven, but they operate through a chain and sprocket. They’re not as quiet as the area driven counterparts, the noise is not so noticeable. They are a cost-effective option and usually their parts are readily available if a particular component breaks down over time. They are also centre mounted and attached to your door through the hockey arm connector. There are many brands and models to suit all garage door sizes and weights.

3. Direct Drive Garage Door Motors – The main difference in direct drive is that it drives direct to the Torsion springs. The amount of choices is much limited. There are also few components to break down as few components are used. Direct drive Motors used on roller doors and sectional garage doors.

Garage Door Motor : How Much Time it takes To Install?

With any of the motors mentioned above, you would expect between 1.5 to 2 hours of professional installation. Direct drive takes more time due to the intricacies of installation. Any professional garage door technician ensures that the door has been fully serviced before setting the new motor up, not doing so risks your new motor being worn down in a short space of time.

What’s The Difference In Lifespan?

The difference in lifespan is the same for any garage door motor. The motor is as good as its servicing, as long as the motor you have installed is suitable to the garage doors size or requirements. Your door is no different, that is why the importance of regular servicing is stressed. Any motor running heavy, unserviced door breaks down due to excessive wear and tear. When the garage door motor is installed, the doors should have service by the professional technicians to ensure it is running properly from the start. Most garage door openers are expected to last between 9 to 15 years if cared for correctly.


If you are interested to upgrade your garage door motor and you are confused then do research to find what you need. Look for all the available options enabling you to make an informed decision on the best opener for your household.


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