Which Kind of CBD Is Best for Your Lifestyle?

CBD capsules

The popularity of CBD products is driving many Americans to ask themselves if they should give something like CBD capsules or maybe CBD oil a try. And according to a recent Gallup poll, 14 percent of the population already has.

The people surveyed volunteered the following ailments as their top reasons when asked, “For what condition or purpose do you use CBD products?”

  • Pain (Non-specific)
  • Anxiety
  • Sleep/Insomnia
  • Arthritis
  • Migraines/Headaches
  • Stress
  • Muscle Spasms/Soreness

Looking at that list, it’s easy to understand why so many folks would be using CBD since they’re pretty common ailments. So maybe your most significant issue isn’t deciding if you should use CBD products. Perhaps the better question is actually which form of CBD is best for you. 

There are many products on the market, and some cater more towards certain lifestyles than others. So which products are best for you? 

Rather than just making another list of CBD products, what we’ve done here is created four different lifestyle profiles. For each, we’ve given some recommendations on the CBD products that would be most helpful. 

Read them over, and don’t be surprised if you find yourself relating to more than one category. And most importantly, take notes on what the best CBD products for you are. 

A Few Notes on CBD Before We Start

If you’re not super familiar with CBD, let’s take a moment to get to know it better.

Over a hundred known cannabinoids have been discovered so far, and they are all extracted from the hemp plant. 

CBD is excellent because it interacts with a unique cell signaling system in your body known as the endocannabinoid system. It does this by attaching itself to tiny receptors to produce favorable effects that have been known to help with issues like pain, stress and inflammation.

That’s why CBD is seeing such a rise in popularity. It continues to be researched by professionals in the medical field.

Now onto the profiles!

Lifestyle Profiles

Active Adventurer

Who You Are: You’re the kind of person who loves to explore. Your hobbies have you craft, create and make. You wouldn’t describe yourself as an athlete, but perhaps some of your friends and family would because you integrate physical activity into everyday routines. Your age range is anywhere from older millennial through aging Gen Xer to proud boomer.

What Ails You: Common issues that you suffer from include aches, pains and fatigue that keep you from enjoying the life you feel you were born to live. 

The Best CBD Products for You: You should consider using a CBD tincture daily to promote better homeostasis and calm in your life. Adding CBD lotions and CBD balms to your life may take care of the aches and pains and any headaches or muscle fatigue.

Calm Caretaker

Who You Are: You’re both a leader and a caregiver. You may be a parent in the household, a teacher in the classroom or an essential worker helping keep our communities together and thriving. You find meaning and passion in building spaces of worth and inspiration, both physical and digital. You may be starting out in your chosen vocation or progressing through it, but retirement and an empty nest are probably still far off in your future. 

What Ails You: You constantly have a lot going on, and you’re probably not relaxing correctly. Sometimes you crash, or your patience breaks no matter how hard you try to avoid it. 

The Best CBD Products for You: You should consider using CBD oil to bring a level of calm and relaxation to daily life and your routines. But if you find yourself too busy and always on the go, the portability and convenience of CBD capsules may be more appropriate for you. Keep some CBD body lotion on hand when your body’s sore, and invest in a few CBD bath bombs for much-needed, self-care tub soaks. 

Chronic Creative

Who You Are: You innovate, create and make the change you want to see in the world. You work hard, play hard and the energy you bring to the table could power the building you work in. Your passions are embodied in your chosen profession, and you live them each and every day. You’re a young millennial or older Gen Zer, inspired and ready to tackle the world.

What Ails You: Sometimes it gets to be a lot, and that untrained or scattered energy turns into anxiety and stress. Your constantly active brain and endless to-do list turn you into a sleepless mess. 

The Best CBD Products for You: You should consider using CBG oil for added focus when you’re at work and dealing with deadlines that require your undivided attention. Then, keep some CBN oil on your bedside table for better sleep at night because you’ve earned it. Neither are specifically CBD products, but they do have some CBD in them. Also, keep a bottle of CBD capsules at your desk as a convenient way to incorporate daily CBD in your life to help with your stress and anxiety.  

Pet Parent

Who You Are: You’re fiercely dedicated to the welfare of your doggos and/or kittens like no one’s business. But it’s not your fault that your fur kid is cuter than any of the wannabe Gerber babies popping up on your socials. They eat top-quality food and might have their own wardrobes and accessories. You’re probably a younger Gen Xer or older millennial who somehow saved to buy a house with a yard just so your pup or kitty could have a little outdoor space.

What Ails You: Anything and everything that might be wrong with your beloved furry friend. Maybe they’re getting up there in age and need some help with general pain relief. Or maybe they’re suffering from separation anxiety and need some more calm in their life. Or maybe you know all about the benefits of CBD and want to share those benefits with your fur kid. 

You Should Try: Did you know that dogs and cats also have endocannabinoid systems and can benefit from CBD just as much as we humans can? So, check out CBD oil for cats for your feline friends or CBD oil for dogs for your k9 companions. Also, check out pet treats which come in delicious flavors like peanut butter and bacon. We won’t judge you if you try one.


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