What You Need To Know About Fasting For Blood Tests

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Whenever it is about blood test, doctor will highly recommend you to stay fast prior to the test. But most of the people forget about it and enjoy a cup of coffee with toast thinking that it will not going to make any difference. However, fasting refers to refrain from drinking or eating anything except water for 8-12 hour extended hours according to the necessity.

But plenty of water can be drunk as it will help you to stay hydrated till the time of your blood test in London clinic. Even chewing gums, alcohol consumption and smoking must be avoided in this short span of time. It is so; because it can accelerate your digestive procedure affecting your test report greatly.

Prescription medication can be only continued if your doctor hasn’t advised to skip those. But if it is about Over-the-Counter (OTC) drugs, you should discuss with your doctor regarding its dosages.

For Which Test Should You Fast?
Blood tests performed at the clinic found by using search string “private walk in clinic near me” are helpful for the doctors to detect several medical issues and check the way your body is performing its normal functions.

Also, it assists the doctor to evaluate whether the treatment has imposed its effectiveness or not! Not all blood tests require fasting to undergo it. Your doctor will surely disclose whether fasting is required or not to perform specific blood test.

The blood tests that require fasting are discussed below for your reference:

  • Fasting Blood Glucose: It checks the sugar (glucose) amount in the blood to detect whether it is prediabetes or diabetes. Typically it needs 8 hours of fasting.
  • Lipid Profile: This test is useful in checking the cholesterol level along with other fats in the blood. An extreme higher level makes you susceptible to stroke and other heart diseases. Basically, it needs 9-12 hours of fasting.
  • Comprehensive or Basic Metabolic Panel: It is an important part of routine health check up. It is excellent in assessing the balance of fluid, electrolyte and blood sugar in the body. Normal kidney function and liver function can be also determined by this test simultaneously. It requires 10-12 hours of fasting to perform the test.  
  • Renal Function Panel: This test is outstanding in gauging the kidneys’ health including its functional ability. To perform this test, you have to fast for 8-12 hours.  
  • Vitamin B12 Test: It measures the amount of vitamin present in the blood. Certain medical complications like anaemia can be diagnosed properly by this test. Yet some medications are there which interfere with its result. So, you are advised to share the medications you take with your doctor. 6-8 hours of fasting time is required for undergoing this test. 
  • Iron Tests: This test is usually done to examine the balance of iron level in your body. Generally, 12 hours of fasting time is advised to get this specific test done.
  • Gamma-Glutamyl Transferase (GGT): This test specifically shows the GGT enzyme level in the body. If the reading is too high, it is the clear indication that the person is suffering from alcohol abuse, bile duct issue and liver disease. Normally, doctor will suggest you for fasting for 8 hours. Even at this time period, you have to refrain from the consumption of alcohol and intake of any prescription drugs as it can skew the report. 

Why is It Necessary to Fast?

Nutrients in the healthy drinks and foods enter the main bloodstream which can impact and skew the blood report. Suppose, you have consumed any sugary items or drinks before a fasting blood sugar test. It will definitely interfere with the report by hiking up the level. Hence, at that time your private blood test in London will be postponed and reschedule on some other day.

What Will Happen if It Slips Up?
If a person mistakenly drinks or eats something except water, it must be shared to the phlebotomist before collecting the blood sample. One should talk with the doctor too as it lets the individual know whether the test can be performed without any interruption or not! To obtain accurate results, it is better to rescheduling the test appointment.   

When Can a Person Drink or Eat Again?

As early as the blood sample is withdrawn, the fasting period gets over! After that, the person can relish any snack or beverages according to the heart’s fill.

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