What To Do With Damaged Trees After Storm?

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The strong winds and storms can lead to huge damage to your property, especially trees in your yard. Most homeowners stay in confusion about what to do with fallen or broken trees in their yard after a storm. In severe cases, the entire tree falls due to strong winds or storms.

In this article, we are going to discuss what to do with damaged trees in your yard after a storm or strong winds.

When Entire Tree Is Damaged Or Fallen-

You should be smart and avoid dangerous regions. If your tree that is hit by the storm has knocked down electrical wires, then you should stay away from this area because it can be highly dangerous. If fallen or broke trees are exposed to live wires, then trees can carry electrical pulse.

Therefore, you should immediately call the electrical service provider in your area and trees professionals. You should take safety precautions while going around this tree. But, it is better to do not risk your life and stay away from this region.

When Severe Damage Is Not Happen-

If your trees are still standing in an upward direction and there are no severe damaged, then you have to perform small action to ensure the proper growth and good health of trees in your yard.

Pruning Of Damaged Branches

You should call a professional to eliminate the remaining limbs after the storm hit the trees in your yard. According to the thumb rule of pruning, stop the pruning where branches join the larger section of the tree. The large size branches are usually cut down to the trunk.

This task can not be performed alone, therefore, you have to hire a tree specialist. Tree pruning will protect your trees from diseases and ensure its proper growth. Also, it promotes healing after damage by a storm.

Do Not Over Prune

The pruning is important for the proper growth of trees. But, keep in your mind that over-pruning can lead to tree damage. Trees can repair quickly if they are properly and slightly pruned. But, over-pruning can lead to more damage. Also, pruning should be performed by professionals who have good knowledge and the right tools.

Bind Tree Wounds

If you observe torn bark and damaged branches of trees, then it can lead to leaves rotting and infestation. If it is possible, then you should spend tree wounds with the chisel.

This way you can remove the hiding place for insects and ensure the good health of trees. While fixing the tree wound, make sure you do not expose the greenish inner layer of bark.

The greenish layer is known as cambium and it is responsible for the storage of tree food and water. If there is any confusion or you need further information, then you should contact the tree services provider in your area.

Avoid Topping Your Trees-

Tree topping or lopping takes place when you need to remove the main branch. Most people consider that reducing the length of the tree will reduce breakage and destruction during the storm. But, this is not true!

Tree topping is not a good technique because when stub grows back again in the form of epidermic shoots, the new growth will be weaker as compared to before.

The tree topping also reduces foliage and also reduces the number of minerals and other resources that are necessary for the optimum growth of trees.

After strong winds and storms, trees require more amount of minerals and other resources for recovery from damage and good growth. You should avoid unnecessary topping of trees.

Hire An Arborist-

Tree pruning and trimming need expertise and experience. Also, it can be a risky task because you may have to climb a tree. Therefore, it is a good idea to leave this task on professionals. If you observe tree crowns with uneven and broken limbs or visible roots of trees, then do not delay and immediately call professionals.

Along with this, there is various other probable condition that needs immediate help:

  • Gashes or splits are visible on large size branches of trees.
  • Holes or open cavities are visible on tree branches.
  • Bumpy soil patches are visible
  • Lifted root plate

You should find the best tree service provider in your area and hire him for tree pruning and fixing after the storm and strong winds. You can also ask your arborist to convert the broken branches if tree into wood chips. This is the best way to use fallen branches.

Final Words:

The storm hit trees and usually leads to destruction. If trees in your yard are fallen down and also knocked electrical branches, then it is recommended to stay away from that region.

You should quickly call a tree service provider. If the damage is not so hard, then also you have to call a tree specialist to fix the minor problems.


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