What Salary Is Offered If I Have Done A Bsc In Computer Science?


Germany, a world leader in technology and innovation, is a top destination for software engineers. As the nation is technologically advanced, computer sciences are one of Germany’s most in-demand fields of study. The thriving economy and high employment rate are behind the attraction of 45 million people in Germany despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

Germany wants to draw an additional 400,000 skilled and qualified workers from abroad each year. In order to tackle demographic imbalance and labour shortages in significant industries, the German government has launched the Skilled Workers Immigration Act in early 2020. This act fast-tracks visa and residence permit applications for qualified workers with exceptional skillsets from all parts of the world. Individuals looking for an enticing and lucrative international career path can sign up for a BSc computer science programme in Germany.

BSc in computer science salary and job outlook

BSc in computer science graduates are in high demand in Germany to meet the consistently increasing requirements for experts in the Information Technology field. As the nation is fully digitalised, most businesses and public services require skilled and qualified computer science graduates.

In fact, the average salary of a computer science professional in Germany is way more than in its foreign counterparts. According to PayScale, a computer science professional in Germany makes EUR 57,999 a year. The average salary of computer science professionals changes dramatically based on their experience, skills, and location.

Speaking strategically, Germany’s top cities for computer science professionals include Frankfurt, Berlin, Hamburg, and Munich. The US Bureau of Labour Statistics report suggests that the average growth rate for computer and information technology professionals is 13 percent between 2020 and 2030, much faster than the average for other occupations.

As the demand for computer science professionals is set to increase in cloud computing, big data, and information security, there will be an additional 667,600 new jobs in the coming years.

How to land a well-paying computer science job in Germany?

In general, at least a master’s degree in computer science or relevant field is the minimum academic qualification to get a good-paying job in Germany. However, a bachelor’s degree in computer science will also help you land a lucrative career in the federal government.

Career paths after BSc Computer Science

In this blog, you will discover several fruitful careers to choose from after completing a BSc Computer Science degree. Check it now!

1. Artificial Intelligence

2. Data Science

3. Analytics

4. UX Design

5. Cyber security

6. Software development

Entry requirements for BSc Computer Science in Germany

1. Your minimum age should be 17.

2. You must possess ECCTIS UK equivalent to GCSE as your academic qualification.

3. You must prove your English language proficiency via IELTS, password test, PTE, or Duolingo test.

Now that you’ve learnt the perks of pursuing a BSC Computer Science degree in Germany, enrol now!

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