What is SEO and explore types and parts?


Today, the world is on our phone, laptop, tab, etc. It is all because of the World Wide Web, which is the collection of websites. Then, how to search for the information? This can be done only by the search engine. There are many websites in popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. These search engines provide the ranked list of websites, which are most relevant for users. How can you make your website popular? Don’t worry, here is how you can generate traffic to your website with the help of search engine optimization abbreviated as SEO, the best Seo services in India. Let’s know the types of SEO.

Businesses may target marketing campaigns accurately based on demographic and personal interests on a per-impression or per-click basis using Facebook Advertisements and skills-future Fcebook marketing courses.

Types of SEO:

SEO can be classified into two types.

ON-PAGE SEO: It deals with what is done inside the website and controls the publisher. This helps the search engine determine relevancy and rank better in Search Engine Result Page (SERP). This includes

·         Providing high-quality content

·         Keyword selection (using keywords in your content)

·         Image optimization

·         Enhancing website architecture

·         Increase website loading speed

·         Make it responsive (Mobile friendly)  

·         Make web pages’ interactive using CSS and HTML

OFF-PAGE SEO: This is all about the online reputation of your site. As on-page SEO deals with the only publisher, a chance publisher can bluff and did not give accurate results. Off-page SEO also deals with what other websites say about your websites. This includes

·  Promoting the site on social media

·         Link building

·         Back linking

·         Submitting open directories to increase link popularity

There are four categories of SEO. They are

White Hat SEO: It is ethical and abides by search engine guidelines. It focuses not only on the search engine but also on user experience. This work on high-quality content development and good design includes putting relevant links and references, well-labelled images, and HTML optimization.

Black Hat SEO: It mostly concentrates on the search engine, but not on the human audience. For example, a website with low quality but stuffed with keywords and phrases to increase SEO rank. The results may be fast but do not last long. And, it is also risky, sometimes lead to the website ban on the search engine.

Grey Hat SEO: It neither falls under white hat SEO nor black hat SEO. It includes link exchange, paying users fora positive review. For example, it may be because of pressure from the company to increase traffic, where they cross a black hat.

These days everything is digitalizing. Most of the businesses run online and satisfy their customers. So, SEO can be used as the best Seo services in delhito help your business grow faster.  It is good to rank your website best on the search engine using search engine optimization, but it should not be misused. Hope everyone uses search engine optimization to improve the website’s chances, found in the search result of different search engines.


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