What Is Average Child Support Pay for One Child & Are You Receiving It On Time?

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After a divorce, it is very difficult to take care of your life, especially if you are trying to move on but get stuck with paying the child support to your ex-spouse. This is something many individuals are stuck with, and right as they are trying to get back on their feet after a horrible and life-changing divorce, the first check of child support has to be sent.

So in case you are wondering what the average child support payments for one child are, first you need to understand what you are paying for.

When calculating child support, the court takes many things into consideration.

Your annual income before taxes, before the child-support is calculated, your yearly income is taken into consideration. Based on it, the court will award that some percentage goes into your children’s support “fond”.

The number of children you have,

The more children you have, the more money you will be asked to send each month. Again, it all depends on your divorce, and how many children are left to live with you. If all the children are left with your ex-spouse, encourage yourself and plan your wallet.

●    1 child will mean that you have to give 12% of your weekly earnings.
●    Having 2 children means that you have to give 16% of your weekly earnings.
●    For 3 or more children – 19% of your weekly earnings.

Changes in your job status

If there are any kinds of changes in your employment status over the years, you may file an appeal for modification of your Child Support in Salt Lake City. This includes any change, such as job loss, job change or any other change in your professional situation which may affect your future and current earnings.

The time you spend with them

Another circumstance that will be taken into consideration is how much time the children consume with you (the paying parent).

● If you consume between 52 and 103 nights with the child, the maintenance is reduced by 1/7th for children.
● If you consume between 104 and 155 nights with the child, the maintenance is reduced by 2/7th for children.
● If you consume between 156 and 174 nights with the child, the maintenance is reduced by 3/7th for children.
● If you consume 175 nights or more with your child, the maintenance is reduced by 50%, plus an additional $7 for a week.

Does it last forever?

Lucky for you, the answer is No! Once your child becomes an adult, gets a permanent job or goes to university, it loses (depending on the current situation, there are several circumstances included) its right to receive child support. To learn more about child support and Divorce in Salt Lake City, speak with one of our knowledgeable attorneys.

Refusing to pay court-assigned child support is a serious crime.

If you ever find yourself facing a divorce, contact our attorneys and let them represent your legal rights.

After a divorce, many people are left with a broken heart, failed marriage and a monthly alimony or child support which has to be paid. Sometimes, a check may be late or never arrive at all.

Has this ever happened to you? As someone who receives a monthly alimony or child support from your ex-spouse, you should cash in a check every week or two. So the true question is – are you receiving your child support on time?

Seek Legal Help

As a Law Firm that has represented many divorcees in the past, our job is to help you understand how child support works. If you call today and schedule a free initial consultation with our Child Support Attorneys in Salt Lake City, you will be able to learn all about the monthly payments you should receive from your ex-spouse.

Child support serves is only assigned by the court when a child exists between the two spouses. After a divorce, the court will assign child support to the legal non-custodial parent, making him/her provide a support payment for the child currently being taken care of by the custodial parent. In case the two legal parents still live together, no support payments will be assigned or required.

Penalties For Refusing or Avoiding to Pay

In some states, penalties for late payment can be substantial. Also, refusing to pay child support can have a negative impact on your life. Some of the penalties you may expect for missing your child payment checks are:

● Frozen bank accounts
● Suspension of your driver’s license
● Suspension of your professional licenses
● Credit score reduced by the credit bureau
● Interception of tax refunds, work comp benefits or any other benefits you may be collecting at a time
● If you owe more than $2,500 in child support, your passport will be denied you won’t be able to leave the country until the balance is settled
● Wage garnishment
● Criminal sanctions
● Prison time

● Wilson Browne Solicitors

It is important not to neglect your court-assigned obligations. Refusing to pay your child support will only cause additional problems, which will cost more over time and create additional costs and a never-ending loop. Pay everything on time, and don’t even think about leaving the country or state to avoid paying your child support checks.

Utah Department of Child Support Services protects every custodial parent by enforcing the Uniform Interstate Family Support act in all 50 states. Under this law, every parent who moved out of the state to avoid paying for child support in the state where it was initially assigned will still have to continue sending payments and will face penalties and charges if he/she refuses to do so.

Our seasoned Child Support Attorneys in Salt Lake City advise you to speak with an attorney immediately if your child support is late. An attorney will use the law to ensure that your funds are being sent to you regularly. Don’t hesitate to seek legal help, it is the only way to speed up the delayed process.


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