What Is a Solar Battery Charger and How Does It Work?


A battery charger is a device that gives energy to the devices so that they can work. It is also known as a recharger. The efficiency of the charger depends upon the device that you connect with it. To give energy to the device, a recharger forces an electric current to pass through it.

It means you need electricity that provides electric current to a battery charger. You can use a battery charger easily in homes or offices. But not the outside especially when you go outside. Because there is no source of electricity. To resolve this problem, there are solar battery chargers available in the market.

In this article, the solar battery charger is discussed. So that you get to know about it. Also, we tell you how it works. It will surely help you to use a solar battery charger easily. Let’s have a look at what is a solar charger.

What is a Solar Charger?

A solar charger takes energy from the sun to give energy to electrical devices. Solar chargers are portable, you can carry them anywhere. One solar charger, up to 48 V can charge a Ni-Cd or lead-acid battery.

You can not directly charge the battery of cell phones or laptops with a solar battery charger. They first give energy to internal chargers then this energy is distributed to your device. To make sure there is no use of another electric device.

There are multiple devices like car batteries, personal fans, cell phones, reading lights, and laptops that you can charge from a solar battery charger. All these devices, do not take direct current. You need a converter to transfer the energy from the solar charger to the device.

For this reason, the electrical energy from the charger first goes into the converter. Then from the converter energy transfer to the device, which you connect it. You can use a solar battery anywhere you want due to its high portability.

How a Solar Charger Works

A solar battery charger works like a power bank. Because it charges your device without using any electricity. A solar charge uses solar energy to charge the internal battery so that you can power up your electric devices like mobile phones, iPad, laptops, etc.

To charge the solar device, put it under direct sunlight. The cells in the device, absorb this solar energy. Then to create the electric field sunlight, photons that are present in the sunlight excite the electrons in the device. The device is usually made up of silicon.

This electric field help electrons to travel through the solar charger. Until you do not use the solar battery charger, the electricity remains in it. To convert the direct current into the alternating current a charge inverter is used. This inverter converts the electricity in the useable form as you can charge your electrical device.

Before you connect the device with the charger, it is important to note whether it takes direct current for charging or alternating current. If your device takes direct current then there is no need to use an inverter. The final process is the transfer of energy from one device to the other.

The process is fully automatic, you just need to connect the device with a charge and then wait until it gets fully charged. Also, you can use the device while it is charging. To get amazing benefits from the solar battery charger, all you need is direct sunlight.


A solar battery charger makes your life easy, as you can charge multiple devices from it. It is recommended to use it when you are traveling. By having a solar charger, you do not have to worry about the charging of your electrical devices.

It keeps you connected to the world as the battery of your mobile phone will not end. Also, you can do your work on a laptop even when you are not at home. It is easy to use a solar battery charger. As all you have to do is to place it under the direct sun.

So that it can start the process of gathering solar energy. You can use the device while it is on charge or when the battery gets full. It depends upon your requirement. This charger takes the same time as a normal charge take to charge the device.

If you completely charge the solar charger, you can use it at night time also. The lifetime of a solar charge is good as it does not gets damaged easily. It is easily portable due to its compact size and less weight. You can keep it with you by placing it in a pocket or a bag.

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