What Every House Needs Amid Renovation – The Ultimate Checklist


Are you thinking of renovating your old house or are you amid the renovation already? What is it that you have in mind? Having a house of your own is no less than a blessing, but it’s not easy maintaining one. If you don’t make enough effort on your part, even the renovation won’t help. 

That’s right, guys. A house requires a lot of things for its maintenance and design. Today, in this article, I’m going to share with you a checklist of things that you must incorporate into your new home. 

I’m an interior designer by profession, so all these tips are coming from the professional side of the poll. Please consider them amid the renovation of your old house and save those extra bucks you were going to spend on hiring an interior designer. 

Alright. Let’s not waste another second and get to the details: 

Color Scheme or Theme 

There’s no point in renovating your house if you don’t have a proper design plan. Yes, having a theme is a must. 

Let me let you into a secret! There’s a trick that you can follow here. If you have a small house, you must choose a light or subtle theme. For example, the wall paint must be lighter in shade, the wood color needs to be light as well. Lighter hues will make your house look bigger and more spacious. 

Simultaneously, if you have a big house and it’s already quite spacious, feel free to choose a dark theme. 

Storage Design

Storage space is crucial in every house. If you like contemporary spaces, I suggest you add floating shelves. Traditional large-sized shelves look great but they’re out of style at present. 

On the other hand, floating shelves look more than amazing. They’re stylish as well as contemporary. They can modernize any space instantly, so you must think about it. In fact, it’s a cost-effective method to add a contemporary touch to your house amid renovation. 

I would recommend you ditch those big, hefty wooden cabinets and shelves, and go for floating shelves instead. It’s especially helpful for people with smaller houses as floating shelves consume considerably less space, so they can contribute to making your house look spacious.

Miscellaneous Additions 

There are several miscellaneous additions that you must make to your house going under renovation. All such things cannot be placed in a single category; hence, miscellaneous additions. 

Whether it’s a washing machine, toaster oven, refrigerator, or plasma TV, you should have them all fixed on different walls. Wall-fixed appliances and gadgets can give an extravagant finishing touch to your house. 

Besides that, you must not forget to purchase an inverter generator. It can be used both indoors and outdoors as a power backup. I suggest you get a portable generator for construction sites; they’re simple to move around, which makes them a convenient option.

Kitchen Garden

Since you’re renovating your house, I suggest you must get a kitchen garden made. It is something that brings along dual benefits. 

How? It can provide you with fresh produce that’s healthy and free of chemicals. Furthermore, it can make you talk to the town as it’s not a common thing. The best part being, it doesn’t necessarily need to be next to the kitchen. 

My kitchen garden is exactly in the center of my house. It has glass walls that join my kitchen with the living room and dining area. It indeed makes a strong impression. My friends and family keep giving me compliments about how amazing it looks.

Retouching the Bathrooms 

As a matter of fact, your bathroom and kitchen are the two most important areas of the house. In fact, a lot of people believe that the maintenance of a house can only be judged through its bathrooms and kitchen, which is true to some extent. 

Other than a few major changes amid renovation like switching the tiles, adding new toilets, and bathtubs, there are a few small changes that can make your bathroom pop.  You can add a rain shower head to your bathroom or if your budget allows, a jacuzzi would be the perfect addition. 

Furthermore, a full-sized mirror is a must-have item in any newly renovated bathroom. Also, take care of its overall ambiance. For example, I always keep scented candles and soaps in my bathroom. Similarly, I keep Azuna odor removal products in stock. 


Lastly, you must take care of the lighting of your house. Add a few new lights to your checklist now. It’s crucial as lighting is one thing that can make or break the entire decor of your house. It is not a matter how much effort you make for the decoration of your house, nothing won’t look great if the lighting is not up to the mark. 

If you have a budget, I suggest you purchase a crystal chandelier for your house. If not, you can stick to fancy wall bulbs and ceiling lights. There’s a huge variety of such lights available in the markets these days, so finding a few pretty ones shouldn’t be a problem. 

The Final Words

Winding it up, I want to know that there’s nothing right or wrong when renovating and redesigning your house. It all comes down to your likes and dislikes. Rest assured, the tips mentioned above will make your house stand out in the crowd. I wish you all the best, my pals. Have a wonderful day ahead! 


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