What Are The Best Natural Sources Of Glucosamine?

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Glucosamine is an important compound that helps with healthy bone growth in dogs. It is extremely effective when given to senior dogs that are suffering with arthritis and/or mobility issues. Glucosamine is comprised of two elements: an amino acid called glutamine and glucose. Dogs have the ability to naturally create glucosamine, and such promotes the development of cartilage in their bone joints. As dogs get older, they tend to generate less glucosamine, and such results in their joints becoming stiff and mobility issues becoming more common.

Glucosamine is often prescribed as a supplement by vets, but the best option is to give your dog the required dose of glucosamine as part of a natural pet wellness regiment. You can feed your dog glucosamine-rich whole foods, but you must keep in mind that the required quantity of glucosamine is 500 mg per day for each 25 lbs of bodyweight.

The Best Natural Sources for Glucosamine

Beef trachea is composed of cartilage, hence it’s packed with glucosamine. You can also buy lamb, goat, or ostrich trachea and feed it to your pet. These treats are not only delicious, for they can be served dry as chewy snacks.

Chicken feet also contain good amounts of natural glucosamine. You can add them to your dog’s meal or simply give them straight as a tasty, midday snack. Additionally, oxtails and pigtails consist of cartilage and meat, so these can be given as well as they’re another natural source of glucosamine.

Beef knuckle bones are big, so your pooch can chew on them for a long time. Moreover, they are excellent sources of glucosamine. Even shellfish shells contain glucosamine. Just buy shrimps with the shells on and give them to your pet. Shells can also be made into a nutritious broth if they’re boiled for a few minutes.

Green-lipped mussels are known to reduce arthritis in both humans and animals. You can even find them in a powdered form and feed this to your pet. Finally, you can cook a rich, gelatinous bone broth; this is another wonderful source of natural glucosamine. Not only is it loaded with glucosamine, but it also brings a variety of additional health benefits.

You might think that it is faster and easier to feed your dog commercially produced kibbles, which claim to promote joint wellness. Nope! Do not be misled by such false advertisements. Kibbles may contain glucosamine, but these are very small amounts and far from what your canine companion needs. In this case, you can check out the safe and effective CBD oil for dogs that has got more attention from the media over the years. If is found to promote the overall wellness in pets. Moreover, vet-administered supplements and tonics are a good option, though they do not replace the taste and flavors of natural food. In order to ensure that your dog eats healthy food and enjoys their meals as well, it’s best to give them natural, whole foods.

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