Using A Breast Pump : Pros And Cons

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Becoming a new parent is one the biggest blessings in life. Your entire world turns upside down when you acknowledge the existence of your newborn. Everything in your life becomes secondary and your entire focus shifts towards looking for the best ways to bring up your child.

There is no doubt about the duties and challenges that parents face throughout their child’s life. However, the most challenging thing still remains accepting your little one and acknowledging their being. Both parents serve and provide their child with protection differently.

This article talks about the earliest and the biggest challenge that a mother of a child faces, that is, how to feed her little one. The normal way of feeding an infant is to breastfeed them. However, each woman is different from the other. Some women are fortunate enough to feed their babies in the most natural manner but others might need a virtual lactation consultant or even a breast pump to have fed their child.

Not being fortunate enough to access the natural way of feeding can take a worst toll on a woman’s mental health. Not to forget the Postpartum Depression that many women witness as well. The fact that a breast pump exists is actually a favor to many new mommies out there!

Pros Of Using A Breast Pump

  • Breast pumping can help a new mother take breaks whereas breastfeeding is a recurring duty. New mums can often feel lethargic to the thought of having to breastfeed every now and then. Pumping also gives a little more time to the new mommy to take out time for herself. 
  • Breast pumping aids the supply of milk and helps store the milk. Good diets can often have breast milk coming in abundance. Breast pumps can solve this problem and have the milk most readily available for the baby.
  • Parents can easily manage the feeding timings for their little ones. Breast pumps allow the parents to fix a flexible schedule and get most of their work done while there’s time for the baby to be fed. 
  • Parents can also share duties, it doesn’t necessarily have to be mum who’s feeding the baby.
  • You can always donate your breast milk for a good cause. Many women worldwide are unable to produce breast milk sufficient for their babies.

Cons Of Using A Breast Pump

  • Breastfeeding is free of cost and doesn’t require any equipment however breast pumping needs breast pumps, bottles milk, storage bags and a hands-free pumping bra to feed your baby. It is an added expense to people who have breastfeeding as a viable option instead. 
  • Pumped milk doesn’t guarantee great immunity for the baby. It has its advantages  but when the milk is stored for too long it would fail to provide the baby with sufficient nutrients that would aid the baby’s immunity. 
  • Stored breast milk can often expire quickly. Women can produce sufficient amounts of milk.Your baby’s feeding timings must be kept in mind before you pump out the milk.
  • Breast pumps can only serve a new mother right while she’s at home and has to feed her baby. Taking out the equipment in different places like an office, a party, or a family trip is going to be extremely difficult.

Using breast pumps smartly can help new mommies a lot.

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