Use Embroidery to Promote Your Brand


Embroidery isn’t simply for old grannies in their rocking chairs anymore. Technology has brought embroidery into the 21st century and it’s taking the world by storm. Use custom embroidery Sydney experts offer for unique designs and high-quality materials.

You need to get your logo on as many items as possible. The digital method allows mass production of items at a fraction of the cost. There are countless ways to use embroidery to promote your business or grow your brand.

Let’s look at how using embroidery can help grow your brand and we’ll share some other useful benefits.

Embroidery Defined

Embroidery is an art form that was popular a few years ago. With modern updates and computer technology, this simple process of stitching a design into a piece of material has been completely redefined.

Some embroidery may still be done by hand, but promotional items are made using powerful sewing equipment that gets the job done much quicker. The first step is creating a digital design. This design is then stitched into the item by powerful sewing machines.

How Embroidery can Impact Your Brand


Having uniforms makes you feel like part of a team, but no one wants to sit in an annoying suit and tie all day. Luckily the corporate world is becoming a bit more relaxed and a smart cotton shirt with the company’s logo embroidered onto it makes the perfect uniform.

Embroidery looks classy and adds a level of professionalism. Having your logo on your uniform is excellent exposure for your brand.

Get Your Name Out There

Consider having your logo embroidered onto knitted hats and jackets and give these away to get your name out there. The key is to build brand awareness and get your name recognised.

When staff wear the company logo it creates a sense of belonging. It also makes it easy for the public to recognise who works there and who to approach if they need help.

Company merchandise such as towels should be embroidered with the company name and logo.

Look for a vendor offering embroidery Sydney companies trust, for fast, reliable service.

Long-Lasting Solutions

Embroidery lasts much longer than silk screen printing that cracks and fades. The design is durable because it won’t peel or get damaged when you wash the item. With proper care, your embroidered item can last for years and still appear brand new.

Sell Your Brand

Once you have branded everything possible, it’s time to sell and create a demand for your merchandise. Consider gifting branded merchandise to a social influencer and create hype on social media platforms.

People will want to buy your items and you will have walking billboards promoting your brand and creating a brand following.

Use Caps Instead of Business Cards

Marketing is difficult, and chances are that the clients you are targeting already have a stack of business cards in their drawer.

Chances are potential clients are more likely to remember you if you leave them with a clever marketing gimmick. Who doesn’t need a hat? This is a cost-effective way to help your business stand out from the crowd.

If you are giving away free hats at a trade show, you have the added bonus of people marketing your business as a walking billboard. The same goes for t-shirts and other wearable merchandise.

High-Quality Giveaways

Sponsor prizes for fun runs in town or trade shows. You can embroider your logo on high-quality bags, t-shirts, caps, jackets, knitted hats and gym towels. If the giveaway is something people want to receive, they will remember the company’s name. Look at the embroidery services Sydney has to offer, for the best merchandise.

Embroidery Tips to Make Your Logo Stand Out

There are hundreds of colours and designs to choose from; your imagination is your only limitation. 

  • Material matters: For best results use silk, cotton or neoprene
  • Size matters: Use easy to read font that isn’t too small
  • Simple is better: Avoid complicated details and abstract designs
  • Enhance your design: Use puff embroidery to make your logo 3D
  • Stay away from gradient: Stitches are made one layer at a time so the gradient pattern doesn’t show up well. Therefore, using single flat colours will have the best effect
  • Limit how many colours you use: Seven is the magic number when it comes to how many colours to use. Using more colours will make your design appear messy.


Use embroidery as a marketing tool to help your business stand out from the crowd. Make your staff look and feel like a team with uniforms and get your company’s logo out there through giveaways and sponsorships. There are so many ways that embroidery can help promote your business.

Stand out from your competitors by using these tips.

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