Unraveling The Perpetual Timepieces: The 6 Omega Seamaster Series


Some say that a luxury brand of a wristwatch is only good for its classy and elegant look. However, it isn’t always that way. A perfect timepiece requires a fundamental quality that includes precision and durability. These qualities can be seen and felt on your wrist with the renowned Omega Seamaster Series.

Omega watches have been in the market since 1848. It has produced thousands of wristwatches with top quality that collectors would always seek after. Among the many series that this brand has created is the Omega Seamaster. Here’s a quick peek at its astonishing models:

Seamaster Diver 300m

This model has been around in the market since 1993; collectors have chosen this watch because of its attractive and thirty distinctive variants. The most recent design includes a well-polished ceramic dial, ceramic bezel, and Co-Axial Caliber 8800. These features exhibit a masculine and durable framework.

Being in the market for 28 years, the Seamaster Diver still pleases various collectors, similar to what this model did back on its first launch. The design also encapsulates success in terms of commercials. Multiple actors such as Daniel Craig, also known as James Bond, were seen wearing this timepiece in his movie Spectre in 2015!

Seamaster Aqua Terra

This model is somehow different from Seamaster Diver 300m. While the latter has a more robust and masculine design, this model has a feminine physique included in the collection. It has one of the best Omega watches for women who love underwater adventures. Though this watch is built for underwater escapades, it still has other fancy features.

Aqua Terra was first launched in 2002. But in 2008, they added additional features such as Caliber 8500 to make this watch better than the old model. During the 10th anniversary of this model, they also created a high-quality movement resistant to a magnet with a maximum of 1500 gauss for the watch!

Seamaster 300

This watch was known for its remarkable waterproof and simple features. It is also the most well-known Omega watch up to this date. This watch is water-resistant up to 200 meters below the sea, and it includes 20 variants that the collectors can choose from. Additional features include precious metals such as gold, titanium, and platinum.

It is always good to have a versatile watch and a combination look of luxury and adventure. And if there comes the point in your life that you want to be both adventurous and elegant-looking at the same time, you might want to pick up this model. It has been in the market for a long time and is approved by most watch enthusiasts!

Seamaster Planet Ocean

Omega launched Seamaster Planet Ocean back in 2005 as part of the Seamaster 300’s evolution. It has a case that comes in various sizes you can choose from. Most of its models have varying vibrant colors with differing functions. For additional precision, there are a dozen models that contain Chronograph over the one-directional rotatable bezel.

Moreover, Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M watches also have a guaranteed caliber of a chronometer that has the function to resist magnetic files up to 15000 gausses, to be exact! This evolved version of Seamaster 300 has been making waves in the global market. Enthusiasts are seeing this model as part of Omega’s finest timepieces.

By all means, whether you love the old Seamaster 300 or the new ones, it is not a problem, since each provides fascinating features. It is up to you which ones to choose, for as long as it is an Omega watch, quality is utmost guaranteed!

Seamaster Railmaster

The model’s first appearance in 1957 has paved the way for a wider array of luxurious watches alongside the classic Seamaster 300 and Speedmaster. This model was intentionally made for engineers and scientists due to its figure and aesthetics. It contains a magnetic-resistant movement. Sadly, the production of this model ended in 1963.

However, in Omega’s 60th anniversary, they produced and launched two new series of this model. However, the new design contains a lot of similarities with the original model of the Railmaster collection. Still, the added co-axial caliber escapement adds to the efficacy of this model. It became a trend to watch enthusiasts around the globe!

Seamaster Bullhead

First appearing in 1969, but this model was among the reissued models in 2013. It has a distinctive design of a “bulldog” wherever you look at it, as it always appears like one. It has a notion that is enhanced by the broad face, with a crown and push buttons over the case’s top.

This model has masculine features, reason why it is included in the men’s collection section of the Omega watches. It has a case with a size of 43mm, and the display is in itself sporty. It has combined accents of black, blue, and red on the white dial.

Seamaster Ploprof 1200m

Designed optimally for professional divers and underwater researchers, most watch enthusiasts desire its features. The creation of this timepiece is uniquely done due to its exceptional design of a case. It was first released in 2009, but the plan was inspired by Ploprof 600m released in the 1970s.

The later models come with a rubber strap or a braided stainless bracelet for you to choose from. The level of its being waterproof will amaze you since it can work well up to 1200 meters below sea level! This model shows you what class and adventure would look like simultaneously!


The Seamaster Series exhibits the exquisite composition a gentleman would perpetually prefer. Omega added more features to the series for challenging underwater adventures. You can always choose from any of the models. They are all of excellent quality since a trusted brand produces them.

If you ever desire to purchase from a luxurious brand, you’ll never go wrong with Omega! You can search the website for order details and payment & shipping processes. You can also take a peek at the other luxurious watches they manufacture. Classic timepieces that suit your time telling and aesthetic needs are always within your reach!


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