Top Reasons Behind On-Site Construction Delays

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Construction projects face delays. Most of the causes behind those delays are related to the site conditions and all that happens on-site. If you are looking to starting your construction project, you will need to be wary of those reasons in order to be able to prevent the delays. And if they occur, awareness will help you mitigate them better.

Five on-site reasons behind construction delays

Construction projects are several weeks long, if not months, and years on end. Site conditions vary within the span of a construction project. Sometimes the conditions get too unfavorable for keeping the construction process consistent with the contractual terms and specifications of the process.

In order to prevent such scenarios, and deal with them safely in case they arise, you need to hire a team of professional delay and Quantum Expert and avid delays to the maximum extent. The reasons common to most construction project delays on site are as follows:

1. Slow decision-making

Usually, the person in charge of making a key decision while the construction process is going on is the project manager. If the construction project manager takes more than optimal time in uncovering the site details, the activities depending on those details will face delays too.

If the material acquisition or shipment gets late, the wait time before beginning with the activities increases. Thus, inefficient and slow decision making will pave the way for an increased frequency of delays.

2. Lack of insight

Construction projects, owing to their complexity, require you to seek the assistance of a professional consultant at all times. If the project a manager is handling all affairs without the expertise and insight pertinent to construction sites, the project scope may take a hit.

The data and technology strategy is important in this regard. Within the project, there will be a success as well as setbacks. Only experts with an insightful eye can deal with real situations on the ground.

3. Overbooked crews

In construction projects, it is a very common occurrence, that the construction crew is overbooked. When you hire a construction company for your project, make sure the company is not overbooking the projects. If the company is too occupied, the quality of service you get will be very pathetic.

The consequence will be that the activities of the project will face delays. If too many activities face delays, you will have difficulty in getting your project completed according to the original schedule.

4. Weather

No matter how proficient construction consultants and the project manager are, some disruptions are beyond human control. You cannot continue the work site if the weather is unfavorable for working out in the open. You may have frozen ground, rain, storms, or any kind of natural disaster disrupt the work on the field.

The only way to save your project from delays caused due to weather conditions is to plan your project dates in the right seasons.

5. Finding and setting up equipment

Construction sites are sometimes congested and have lots of underutilized equipment present there. Most part of an average worker’s time is spent in finding and setting up the equipment to be used.

The issue stems when the appropriate balance is not there between the equipment absolutely necessary to have on-site and the equipment that may be needed in cases of unforeseen circumstances. 

Is your construction project around the corner?

Construction projects are divided into dozens and dozens of activities. All these activities are scheduled at the beginning of the project. In the schedule, some activities are dependent on others, while others are not. If an activity faces a delay, it may or may not impact another activity’s beginning or development.

If an activity with other dependent activities faces a delay, the project progress is affected more in this case. In such a scenario, one of the parties of the project may claim that the other party is at fault. The party which is at fault will have to pay for the loss that the project has faced.

You will need the services of a quantum expert witness in Dubai to quantify the loss and translate it into a measurable amount. With the help of a thorough analysis of the on-site conditions and reasons behind delays, the expert witness will then give a verdict in favor of the innocent party.

If you do not handle the delay claims on time and with due diligence, the problems within the team may worsen. You may have to see further conflicts, and the work may get disrupted. Sometimes, in construction projects, matters to the extent that the contract needs termination. Thus seek professionals for successful and timely completion of your project.


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