Top Cross Country Moving Hacks

Packing Materials

Are you moving cross country? If so, it is important to make sure that you don’t forget any of the necessities. This article will give you some great hacks for making your move go smoother and more affordable. We will cover topics like planning a budget, what packing materials are best for your needs, how to manage utilities before and after the move, and how to change your address with both utility companies and others. It also includes information on packing clothes properly (important!) and electronics – which we all know can be difficult when they need special care!

Plan your Budget for Moving

Among one the primary concerns among people when it comes to relocation is budget. To ensure you have enough cash to cover moving expenses without needing to find work before leaving your current zip code, set a moving budget from the get-go.

Instead of jumping in headfirst, you may need to wait a month or so until you save up more money. No matter what, eliminating the element of surprise is essential.

Hire professional movers to help with your move so you can better estimate the budget. You should also refer a checklist for moving across the country and also ask the company when the cheapest time to relocate is to save some more bucks.

Make Inventory List

Before packing your stuff into boxes, it’s a good idea to create an inventory list. Instead of the actual list, you can make a visual inventory or use an app like Keep Track that automatically creates one for you. You should also have a household inventory list if you’re opting to get insurance for your belongings. If you need to make a claim, this can come in handy. Being prepared is the best idea for moving on a large scale, so here are some tips.

Packing Materials

There are, of course, hundreds of helpful hacks available to make your move as easy as possible. Several solutions from around your house can help you save some money. One of the ways to pack books at a cross country move is to put them in suitcases with wheels. In a variety of different circumstances, suitcases can be very useful for packing bulky items. Even if you have enough boxes, packing your books in a suitcase is the most space-efficient way to pack.

What should I do with my dishes? Place Styrofoam plates between your transports surfaces to avoid breakage during travel. Packing paintings for a cross-country move can seem daunting, but pipe insulation and pool noodles are the perfect items to protect your heavy frames.

Manage Utilities and Change Address

Forgetting utilities when moving often happens, but it can be time-consuming and expensive to fix once you’ve realized the discrepancy.

From turning off power to signing up for the internet, just about every utility company has a “moving service” that allows you to set things up before moving. Even a little preparation goes a long way. But if you wait until the final moment, you run the risk of forgetting to pack all your belongings.

They will work with you so that there is continuity in services. They will also be able to help answer any questions you might have about new charges or utility locations added after your move. As well as answers for coverage availability.       `

One critical measure is to make the necessary arrangements for changing your address before you start house hunting. It is important to notify any of your subscription services and utilities before moving.

Pack Clothes

Packing clothes requires vigilance and attention to detail, which can be discouraging when you think about how much work is involved. First, remove clothes from hangers and fold. Pack them in your suitcase, then unfold and put them back on the rack when you settle somewhere else. But why complicate things? You can put your clothes on hangers and then place them inside a garbage bag as an alternative. It is easy and quick!

You could save space when packing clothes by rolling up each piece of clothing instead of folding it. A good idea while packing is to leave the stuff in the drawers. Dirty clothes and shoes can be left where they are without risk of causing damage to your clothing or dirtying your new home. You can tie the drawers closed with plastic wrap to keep everything from falling out during the move.


When you are in the center of a move, it can be tough to find time for everything. We’ve compiled some handy hacks that will help make your cross-country moving experience smoother and less stressful, so you don’t have to worry about anything but enjoying this new chapter in life!


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