Top Career Opportunities After Pursuing M Tech

programmer analyst

Taking specialized knowledge in any chosen disciple is a good way to give your career the right boost. 

M.Tech is one such field where higher academic qualification along with technical expertise is given due importance. M.Tech admission witnesses many students who go in for a master degree to become eligible for well-paid jobs. 

The reason why students opt for Masters in Technology is because they are given knowledge in a particular stream of technology, making them experts in that domain. With complete technical skills and enhanced understanding, they gain an edge over others and do well in their job role. 

Also, there are some popular industries and multinational companies like Microsoft that specifically look for employees who hold a Master’s degree. Career opportunities that come with are many and varied. Some of them are discussed below: 

Popular job roles

Some of the common and highly established job roles that you can pursue with an degree are: 

• Project Engineer 

The job of a project engineer is to manage various projects and their responsibility includes organizing and monitoring plans, schedules, working hours and everything else related to the project. They are the channel of communication with clients and also oversee the workers. 

• Programmer Analyst

Being a programmer analyst is another popular job that you can pursue after M.Tech where you will have to develop and maintain applications and databases. Their core job responsibility is designing, developing and implementing computer programmes. 

• Technical Director 

The job of a technical director is to take care of all the technical aspects of projects, handle all problems along the way and also train the staff. It is their job to ensure that the company’s product is created successfully. 

• Service Engineer 

Designing and developing new equipment is the job of a service engineer. They are also the ones who analyze and fix shabby equipment. 

• Manufacturing Systems Engineer

Since the job of a manufacturing systems engineer requires advanced technical knowledge, those with a master degree are given more preference. Their job role includes designing, developing and installing production systems in manufacturing units. 

Other job roles 

An M.Tech degree also gives you varied options apart from the regular job roles such as:


For those who already have the capital and resources, things become even easier. Even otherwise with a subject speciality and business idea, you can easily look for good business prospects. 


If you have the flair for teaching then you can take up the teaching profession after completing your M.Tech degree. Not only is the profession highly respectable but also offers good remuneration along with job satisfaction. This way you get to educate many young minds in the same field and also help boost their potential. 

Hence, along with regular corporate jobs, a degree in M.Tech also offers a lot more and you can choose among the various avenues that open up for you. 


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