Top 5 TikTok Video Ideas to Boost Followers

Boost Followers

TikTok is a short video-sharing social media platform that is famous for the lip-synching videos. Most of the TikTok users are teenagers and it has more than 200 million monthly active users on Android and iOS.

If you consider usage and popularity, the platform has become quite successful over the past few months. Additionally, the shared video contents have also changed and improved since its initial launch.

In this article, we will explained the top 5 different ideas which you will find useful while creating videos of TikTok. It will also help you to boost your followers as well as growth in the fan base. Continue reading to find motivation and creativity from these famous types of videos on TikTok.

Challenges on Social Media

You’re probably familiar with challenges on social media such as the ice bucket challenge. Not only these challenges are viral, but they also span across various platforms for a couple of days or weeks or months. According to Later, social media challenges are very funny and interesting to complete.

Therefore, if you want to gain more audiences, then you must participate in different social media challenges and upload those videos on TikTok. Additionally, you can use a hashtag to create your social media challenge and hope that the challenge goes viral. You can encourage your audiences to participate in your challenge. This way they can make your challenges trending.

Dance Videos

A frequent TikTok user can tell you that the platform along with the feed is packed with different dance videos. Creators of influencers are uploading dance videos to showcase their talent. They also invite other dancers or users or influencers to perform a group dance.

If you’re luckily a dancer, or you’re confident about your dancing talent, this particular type of videos will help you to achieve popularity and more followers.

Reproduction of Songs

These are the most popular type of videos that made TikTok famous. The main goal of song imitations is to lip-synch with a particular song and even twist the tone. Sometimes users reproduce a particular scene from the original video. On the other hand, sometimes they also act on their own to give a little plot twist.

Despite your way of performing, if you upload a lip-synching video of a famous song, it will surely bring you more followers.

Dialogue Reconstruction

Don’t assume that lip-synching videos are only for songs. They can also be added to reconstruct famous movie dialogues. However, the movie dialogue reenactment must be funny, unlike lip-synching song videos. You can also recreate any random conversation if you don’t want to reenact movie dialogues.

This task can be performed alone or you can call your friends to participate with you. In short, choose a famous dialogue or conversation and recreate it funnily and interestingly. Undoubtedly, this is one of the best TikTok video ideas to gain more audiences.

Art Videos

This TikTok video idea is for artists who want to showcase their drawing talent on TikTok. The process is very easy. You just need to take a video while creating the art, increase the video speed and then simply upload it.

This idea is extremely effective for all types of crafts, paintworks, arts, and DIY projects. You can also upload a video of your friends and family members painting on canvas.

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Hopefully, these 5 TikTok video ideas are enough for you to get inspired and start creating amazing content on the platform. However, there are tons of ideas to choose from, but you should not stay limited to few ideas.

It’s advised to experiment and improvise with different video types. This way you can be creative as well as a unique TikTok user.

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