Top 5 Fashion Photography Ideas


As an art, fashion photography has been in existence since the 18th century used to showcase new clothes and accessories in the market. It is among the industries that have created job opportunities for many people. They include photographer, models, and makeup artists and also assists companies in increasing revenue through sales. Additionally, fashion photography also acts as a tool of passing informing buyers of what’s trending in the fashion industry. To meet the expectations of clients, those in fashion photography need to sharpen their skills and knowledge to more productive. This article is intended at discussing some of the thoughts that can be helpful to the fashion photography industry.

Top five fashion photography ideas


For you to convey a narrative within your shoot, it is imperative to have an ideal location. The location chosen by a fashion photographer should flow with their should break away from the monotony of pure studios, consisting of only white and black backdrops. When shouting fashion photography, one should choose a distinctive location full of stimulation, virtually and exciting. You should visit a place that you intend to conduct a fashion shoot before that day to obtain the required permits, familiarize yourself with where to put the Modeling photo retouching, and how to light the will help in saving time as it will enable the photographer to shot many photos.



Set up for lighting majorly depends on the location and concept one intends to use. Professional and natural lighting is essential in creating compelling and magnificent photos and creating diverse moods during fashion photography. The best light to shot outdoor fashion photography is known as the golden hour, and it is usually an hour before the sunrise or sunset. It is due to the angle that is created by the sun at the time results in color richness and softness. Beauty dishes with grids can also be used while attached to strobe, which can be the leading light. Another lighting tool you need includes moonlights, magnum reflectors, and parabolic umbrella since they have lightweight hence more comfortable to carry from one place to another. With them, one can make beautiful fashion photos with a High end retouching.


Models play a crucial role while shooting fashion photography, and you should select a model that matches with concept and brand because they will be more appealing compared to those that are attractive. An example is if the photographer wants to convey a message concerning sports, then an athlete model will be of great importance. You should help them to remain focused and confident throughout the shoot and giving them directives that are encouraging by telling them what they need to do instead of using contrary instructions. When choosing a model for fashion photography, you should also do a background check on their portfolio and know more about their history in the industry.

Camera equipment

Fashion photography cannot take place without having a camera; the best one to use is a DSLR or a mirror camera. You need to consider three key components in a camera when choosing the best for fashion photography based on the size of the sensor. They are full-frame, medium format, and cropped sensor. Image quality is always essential in fashion photography, and a camera with a large sensor always yields the desired quality. When shooting the ISO should be at the base, and below 400, it should also have a professional support system like tethering with a computer. The best models of cameras you can use for the intend are Canon 70D, Nokia D7100, and Sony A99.


Makeup always has an impact on the final result in the fashion photo shoot or sexy photo shoots. Depending on the quality that is applied to the models, it can either give the desired outcome, and if not correctly used, the results will be inferior in terms of quality. You should pay attention to the makeup of the models before the shoot. Some of the tips you can use are: begin with both premier and moisture base for other cosmetics to be possibly smooth. Products used should all be compatible to prevent any additional shine on the face.


Fashion photography plays a significant role in the society we live in today. Among them is connecting people with culture, employment opportunities, and sources of information on current trends of clothes and accessories. Therefore there is a need for photographers to be well informed for them to deliver good qualities of fashion photos and remain relevant in a continuously evolving industry. Some of the issues to consider when doing fashion photography have been broadly discussed in this article. They include the right location choice for a shot, better lighting system, models, a good camera, and makeup style that match with the skin completion of the models.


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