Top 10 Epic Fantasy Gala Event Themes You Can Easily Pull Off

Top 10 Epic Fantasy Gala Event Themes You Can Easily Pull Off

The most exciting time of the year is approaching – holidays, Christmas, Halloween, fundraisers, and gala events – invites are starting to come in! Companies are gearing up to host annual gala events and fundraisers as the temperatures cool down. With so many events and celebrations going on, the competition is very high as your guests can easily get bored with attending the same type of events.

Let’s spice things up this season! You don’t have to go all the way, just focus on your theme of the event. Instead of the same theme every year, why not host a fantasy gala? With an emphasis on décor and thematic elements like food, lighting, etc., you can transport your guests to a different space and time where they can enjoy the night of their life!

Most Trendy Fantasy Gala Event Themes to Try in 2020

Here are the top 10 epic gala event themes that you can easily pull off for your next event. These themes and ideas can create an unforgettable experience and night for your guests. Don’t be afraid to try new things this event season.

1.      Once Upon a Time

Make your guest’s fairy tale dream come true by hosting a Once Upon a Time theme gala event. By using props like giant open fairy tale books, snow-white mirror, and castles, you can transport your guests into their favorite childhood fairy tale. Below is a picture from the Magical Once Upon a Time themed gala for Children’s Hospital Los Angeles that helped raise a whopping $4 million funds.

2.      Halloween

Halloween is no doubt one of the favorite themes for gala events and even corporate party’s. With Halloween just around the corner, why not host a Halloween themed gala event with spooky décor, red lighting, and unique drinks and sausage fingers! Book a high ceiling venue with a spooky dark backdrop with a combination of purple and neon lighting.

3.      Gold Glam

Thinking about hosting a glam gala event under the shimmering gold twinkling lights? What better venue than Gold On 27 on the 27th floor of the iconic Burj Al Ara, Jumeirah. From its gold leaf designer details to the panoramic views of Dubai, Gold On 27 is unlike anything your guests have ever seen before.

Set a new standard by hosting a glam gala event in style, so, contact experiential event agency Dubai to book your venue today.

4.      Christmas

It is just four months until Christmas, which means you should gear up and start planning your Christmas themed gala event today. December is one of the most festive times of the year. You can choose a traditional Christmas theme with snow, Christmas tree, and white crystal lights.

5.      Frozen World

With winter approaching Frozen world or Winter wonderland is an amazing and epic event theme with ice sculptures and great use of lights. Use cool backdrops with warm lighting to create a magical atmosphere. You can also opt for faux snow on the event floor to get your guests in the mood.

6.      A Night in the Enchanted Forest  

An enchanted forest theme works with all types of events and is a fantastic way if you want to transform your event venue into a fantasy world and create a multisensory event. Use fairy lights, lanterns, ivy, various woodland features, and flower arrangements to create a magical night in the enchanted forest for your guests.

7.      The 1980s

For a unique gala event, why not adopt a truly authentic 1980s extravagant theme. For an experiential event, create a bespoke 80s iconic event space filled with vibrant and electrifying pink and purple colors with a retro vibe. You can also indulge your guests with customized drinks and food.

8.      Masquerade Ball

Masquerade Ball is a famous event theme as it gives a regal feel to your event. Take inspiration from traditional Venetian ballrooms with grand crystal chandeliers, deep red and gold colors, and open balconies.

9.      The Great Circus

Circus has always been a popular event theme for all kinds of events aimed at different ages. The great circus theme is a lot similar to the carnival theme with striped tents, umbrellas, and unique entertainment. With the circus theme, you have plenty of entertainment options for your guests.

10.  Arabian Nights

Arabian Nights is a unique event theme based on Middle Eastern folk tales like the characters of Aladdin, Alibaba, and Sinbad. Style your event in a traditional Arabic Bedouin theme with shimmering draped ceilings and marvelous rugs with warm, glowing lanterns and fairy lights. Consider contacting experientialevent agency Dubai based professionals for picking the best venue for your Arabian Nights themed gala.

Ready to Rock Your Next Gala Event!

These are some of the best and trendiest fantasy gala event themes that you can easily pull off and host a mesmerizing event. With so many events going on, your guests can easily get bored with the same types of events. Therefore, it is time to do something exciting this year and host an event with a new theme that is not too hard to pull off but is also whimsical enough to mesmerize your guests.

Get creative and try out a new theme for your upcoming event to create something exciting and refreshing for your guests.


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