Top 10 Budget-Friendly and Unique Event Centrepiece Ideas


Event décor is the most important aspect that determines the success of your event. One of the major goals of any event is to create a space that is visually appealing for their attendees and is something whimsical and one of a kind. One important event décor factor is the centerpiece.

No matter what type of event you are hosting, there are a lot of stunning and unique centerpiece ideas that won’t empty your bank account. You will be surprised how adding these little, and stunning pieces in your décor lifts the whole mood and atmosphere of your event. Thus, creative and unique centerpieces go a long way when it comes to event décor.

Top 10 Unique and Stunning Centrepiece Ideas for Your Next Event

Making sure your event décor is refreshing, and something unique is quite a challenge, but by using stunning centerpieces, you can make a lasting impression on your guests. Here are the top 10 most unique and budget-friendly centerpiece ideas for your next event.

1.      Cloche

If you are thinking about using something aesthetically appealing and unique in your next event, try cloche as your centerpiece. You can decorate cloche domes with fairy lights and subtle flower arrangements to create a magical look that your attendees will love to see.

With this whimsical creation, your guests won’t be able to stop taking pictures and posting them on social media. If you want to incorporate cloche in your event décor, contact event companies and let the magic happen.

2.      Birdcages

if you want a subtler and chic centerpiece you can always go with metal birdcages with stunning floral decorations and fairy lights or candles. You can also use ivy and green plants with warm light to give a touch of forest and nature. Go for a white event theme with these beautiful floral birdcages to wow your audiences.

3.      Fish Bowls

if you don’t want traditional flower baskets as your centerpiece, you can go for crystal fish bowls and add different elements for aesthetic appeal. For example, you can have flower arrangements inside the bowl, with twinkling lights. If you don’t want flowers, you can fill the bowls with colorful quartz stones with candles or succulents to add a little edge to your ordinary centerpiece.

4.      Exquisite Candles

To make your centerpiece stand out and for a more modern and classic look, you can opt for a white event décor with warm candles and flower decoration to add a touch of color. You can also use metallic, geometrical candle holders to add height to your centerpiece as it can be combined with other elements like flowers, twigs, and lights.

5.      Mason Jars with fairy lights

if you are looking for a more traditional and laid back stunning centerpiece, you can use mason jars filled with twinkling fairy lights. You can either keep it simple or throw in some flower arrangements, candles, or matching table runners for a hit centerpiece. This classical centerpiece will go with all kinds of events – weddings, birthday parties, gala dinners, corporate events, etc.

6.      Vintage Lanterns

vintage Lanterns

If you want to a more vintage themed centerpiece, you can go for rustic, metallic lanterns. With lanterns, you can add multiple features – for example, you can pair lanterns with candles and greenery or a delicate flower arrangement. Another way is to fill your lanterns with twinkling fairy lights and put them on the table or hang them from above, depending upon your audience and the atmosphere you want to create. 

7.      Succulents


Don’t want to go for pink and pastel colors! Don’t worry as you can use succulents to create a vibrant blue, green and purple hues for the evening. You can layer a variety of succulents in a large bowl or a log as a centerpiece. For a more dramatic look, you can also throw in some candles or small light bulbs.

8.      Tree Branches

tree Branches

For a more lavish event look, you can opt for tree branches as the centrepiece. There are two options when it comes to this centerpiece; you can either use natural branches and hang twinkling lights from twigs for a more cozy and natural look. Or, you can opt for metallic tree branches in gold or silver and hang crystals from its twigs for a stunning and intricate display. If you want to upscale your event décor, you can also opt for Swarovski crystals.

9.      Plant terrariums

If you don’t want a traditional centerpiece, why not go for geometric plant terrariums. If you want to have a more natural look at the event and want to include green and fresh plants, terrariums are amazing. Instead of traditional plant and flower bowls and baskets, you can use geometric terrariums to add a whimsical touch to your event. If you don’t want to place them on the table, you can also hang them on top with fairy lights.

10.  Cherry Blossom Stems

Cherry Blossom Stems

Who doesn’t love the pastel colors of cherry blossom! If you are hosting your event during the spring or have a unique theme like the winter wonderland, you need to have cherry blossom stems as your centerpiece. If you are looking for something low-key, opt for mason jars with cherry blossom stems or incorporate them into your flower decorations.

However, if you want something extravagant and don’t want a lot of centerpieces at each table, you can have a faux cherry blossom tree with dangling fairy lights and shimmering crystals in the center of your event space. Contact event companies in Dubai for the best prices and ideas for your event today.

Dazzle Your Guests at Your Event!

Event centerpiece is the most neglected part of event décor and needs your full attention if you want to create events that razzle dazzles your guests. These are some of the most unique and budget-friendly event centerpiece ideas for you to at your next event. These small details will help you host a memorable event and create an everlasting impression on your attendees by transporting them into a magical world with well-thought-out and designed centerpieces.

No matter what kind of event you are hosting, these centerpiece ideas will help you stay under budget and add an element of aesthetic and visually appealing to your event décor. Therefore, try surprising features to your centerpieces for this event.


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