Tips to Tie Ribbon on a Present

grosgrain ribbon

We all have that one person in our life who is impossible to shop for. It’s hard to find gifts for people because we can never seem to hit the nail on the head. Well, there is a solution! If you are having trouble to buy someone special, try tying a ribbon on their present! This blog post will explained you how to tie ribbons of various styles and colors onto gifts so they will be sure to love them.

Basic Wrap on Present

Place the ribbon horizontally and drape the box from the top. Leave about 4″ to 8″ of string dangling from the side for the tail of the bow. Don’t cut the ribbon yet. When you’re wrapping a gift, leave more ribbon loose than caught up on the side. The ribbon should be long enough to go around the present, plus a few extra inches that you can cut it later.

Once the ribbon passes through the center hole under the box, could you bring it back to the front? To keep track of the place you have reached, you must not flip your box over. Instead of wrapping the ribbon around in a circle, grip the top of the packaging and pull it tight. Use your other hand to fold over any excess so that it is aligned with the box. Once the ribbon is through, set the box down before pulling it back up.

One of the best applications of a grosgrain ribbon is wrapping gifts. To tie ribbons on a present, cross the ribbons across the width of the box and tie ends. Bring both ends of the ribbon towards the middle of the box, then bring them together. Twist the ribbons together so that they are positioned vertically, side-by-side. 

Lift the box again and tie a ribbon around it. Tie the ribbon around the back loop of the box and then pull it up to meet from the front. Position the ribbon so that it comes out from behind your wrapped present, sends across to the other side of the package, and then back behind again.

Begin by measuring the ribbon against the width of the first piece and then cutting it to this length. Cut your ribbon, so it is the same length as the end of the other ribbon.

Create a loop by bringing the ribbon in from the side and over the twisted part. To tie the ribbon in a crisscross pattern, lay it across the front of the already twisted part at an angle. To tie a present up, bring the ends together and slide them under one of the loosely dangling loops. Then pull on both knots to tighten it.

After you have made the loops and tails, please take a moment to adjust them to make sure they look even and are close enough together. If you cut the ends of your cheerful ribbon into angles, it will add a nice touch to your wrapping.

Tying Diagonally on a Present

Place the ribbon horizontally and drape the box from the top. Leave about 4″ to 8″ of string dangling from the side for the tail of the bow. But the ribbon needs to be wound onto a spool on the top edge.

The ribbon should be wrapped behind the top right corner of the present. Keep your thumb over the ribbon as you are pulling it out from the center.

Tie the ribbon across the bottom right corner, under the bottom left corner, and across to the other side. The wraps should not slide off the corner.

With the combined length of the ribbons now secure, it’s time to adjust their positions. Place the ribbon back at the top left corner. To avoid having the ribbon slip off, pull it away from the corners.

The best way to tie a ribbon on a present is by cutting off any excess slack in the ribbon. Place both ribbons at the top left corner of the present. Cut the spool ribbon to match the end of the other ribbon.

Tie the ribbons together. The basic way to tie the ribbon on a present is to cross the left ribbon over and then under the right. Tighten by tugging firmly on both ends of the two ribbons. Make a loop with each ribbon, cross the right one over the left (in between), then pull tight, just like tying the lace of the shoes.

When the bow is tight and secure, trim off the excess ribbon from either end. One option is to cut the ribbon into notches or at angles for a fancier look.

Wove Look Ribbon on Present

Cut four pieces of ribbon the length of the box. To create a pretty ribbon-wrapped box, you will need four pieces of ribbon at least twice the length of the gift. Creative ribbon tying can add a special touch to your wrapping. One way is to use a couple of contrasting colors like red and blue.

Place one set of ribbons side-by-side on the table. To properly wrap a present, the strands of ribbon need to be parallel to one another and no more than 1/4 inch apart.

Wrap your present’s long-ways with the present face-down. If you’re wrapping from the top of the box, place the ribbons not to be centered and on either side. If you’re wrapping from the front or back of the package, center them to give a symmetrical look.

When applying a ribbon to wrapping paper, do not tape the ribbons all at once. Wrap the ribbon tightly around the present with a snug fit. The ribbon ends should overlap by about 1 inch.

Finish with tying the next set of ribbons right over the first set. First, you need to attach a strip of double-sided tape at the end of your shorter ribbon. Tie the ribbon so that it is taut and parallel to the loop on top.

After finishing the first set of ribbons, position the short pieces on top and weave them through. From underneath, take the first set of ribbons in your left hand and cross over to put them on top of the second set. For an extra twist, weave the next ribbon over, and under so they alternate with each other. Once you’ve woven all four ribbons, it is recommended to tie a knot at the end to represent a sort of bow-tie look.

Place the ribbons in an easily accessible place. Flip the box over once more. To secure the ribbons, wrap a strip of double-sided tape to each end, and press ribbon to the back of the box. Before the next step, make sure to have both ends of the ribbon lined up with each other.


They say a gift is only as good as the wrapping. So what better way to make your present stand out than with a beautiful bow or ribbon? It’s easier than you think, so go ahead and try it! You may be surprised at how impressive your package can look when you take just a few minutes to put some effort into its packaging design.


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