Tips to design an Efficient Mezzanine


Mezzanine spaces are trending nowadays and they are going to keep growing with the passage of time. It is a space that is created above an already existing room. These spaces bring in a lot of flexibility but are usually public. They are easy to view from below. Mezzanine is an open space and are constructed for the purpose of adding more space to your area for some specific functionality. It can be created as an additional workspace, bedroom or maybe an open library.

Mezzanine spaces are not only useful but they add a lot of aesthetic to your space too. They act as a wonderful home improvement space. If you want to opt for mezzanine then we suggest you to hire experts like Heighton for this task as they stand out in creating these spaces.

Here are some quick tips to consider if you are planning to design an efficient mezzanine space in your home or maybe your office.

1. Planning:

Before you hire someone to build your mezzanine, make sure that you plan everything first. It is important to understand what you are looking for. If you don’t plan beforehand, it can be largely space consuming. Think before you leap; is your house going to accommodate this space or will it make it look crowded?

2. Functionality:

It is important to know what purpose the mezzanine is going to serve. Are you trying to make an open bedroom or library? Or will it just serve as a workspace? Choose the function it will play so that you can determine the space you will require for it too. If the space is too small, you can always ask for advice from a floor expert. Don’t try to fit in a mezzanine forcibly.

3. Don’t go too high:

A lot of people assume that mezzanine needs to be extremely high; well, they don’t have to and it is best if they are not. Firstly, it will cost you a lot more and it won’t be safe either. It is best that you don’t exceed 2.7 to 3 meters height.

4. Make it accessible with stairs:

Every mezzanine has stairs but make sure that they are easily accessible. You can add creativity with the staircase design being different. However, Yourdon want it to consume a lot of space. Keep less stairs and you can always add design to them through materials and colors. Stay minimal!

5. Proper Lighting:

The lighting in your mezzanine space should be according to the function that it has to play. You also want to be in control of the lighting while you are downstairs. So arrange for controls in both the areas. This will make it easier to turn the lights off if you have forgotten them, while you are downstairs.


Keep in mind that you need to be careful about what design you require. Floor experts are your saviors in this context as they are able to plan a mezzanine according to your space, functionality and requirements.


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