Tips for Setting Up a Successful Store on Depop

Store on Depop

Depop can be a great way to sell clothes and make money, but many people are finding that it is not quite as easy as it might seem when reading about the popu-lar app online. Some are the tips that will help you to start selling a lot more on Depop which will then help you to build a reputation and further increase your sales.

Take High-Quality Photos

Clothes shopping is always a risk online but made much less of a risk when there are high-quality photographs from multiple angles and close-ups of key details. You need to make sure that you are taking photos lit by natural lighting, against a plain background and have a few shots of you or someone else wearing the clothes.

Use Plenty of Hashtags

As a social shopping app, hashtags are incredibly important on Depop and could be what is holding you back so far. You don’t need to be clever like on so-cial media here so instead use a hashtag for everything relevant to the product.  A few examples include t-shirt, black, cotton, medium, crop, 90s, high street etc.

Make Shipping a Priority

People no longer are willing to wait a few days for their deliveries and they will also want affordable shipping and a few different options. If you need to find a reliable and affordable courier that will allow you to ship your items quickly and efficiently.

Provide Detailed Descriptions

Descriptions are another important way to promote your products and to inform people of what to expect.  Make your descriptions stand out is to include the back-ground on how you got the piece along with a few styling tips.

Follow Lots of Accounts

You cannot expect to succeed on Depop without engaging with the community. This means that you need to follow people and shops that you are interested in and to try and build a following – people tend to follow people back on here as the more followers that you have the better (although keep in mind that it can take a while to build up).

Be Responsive

Finally, you need to be responsive. People will often have questions and your abil-ity to answer these swiftly could make all the difference as well as help you to build a positive reputation.

Hopefully, these tips will help you to increase your sales on Depop and build up your following.


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