Time for a New AC Installation

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This warm season, you need quality air conditioning to keep you cool and safe inside your home. If your air conditioner is already 10 years old or over, it might not be able to work as efficiently as before. Old, faulty systems tend to work harder and consume more energy to maintain your comfort level at home. Investing in a newer, high-efficiency AC unit will save you energy and money at home.

Here are the top signs it’s time for a new AC installation:

Inadequate cooling

The main job of your air conditioner is to provide cool air inside your home. If your AC fails to do that, you definitely have a damaged system. Before the weather gets any hotter, be sure to schedule a professional AC replacement service with your trusted HVAC company.

High energy bills

You can save money on your monthly cooling bills by investing in a new AC installation. The Department of Energy estimates that you will save 20 percent to 40 percent on your cooling energy costs by replacing your AC with a newer, more efficient model.

Frequent AC breakdowns

How many time did you have to call for an AC repair this year? If your air conditioner needs frequent repairs, it would be more cost-effective to replace it. Repairs that are not covered in your home warranty can be very costly.

Unusual sounds and smells

Do you notice unusual sounds and smells every time you turn on your air conditioner? If yes, those are clear signs you need to get a new AC replacement. Talk to your local HVAC contractor regarding the best AC model type to install in your home.

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