Three Surprising Medical Uses for Botox


Health has been one of the big talking points over the last fourteen months, with physical and emotional health being at the forefront due to the all-consuming coronavirus pandemic that engulfed the world. Now with the world opening up, it presents an opportunity for people to return to some level of normality in their lives. This goes for the cosmetic surgery industry too, as they look to claw back some of their losses from the last year.  Here we are focusing on three medical benefits of Botox that you may not know about.

Do away with those headaches

Botox has always been seen as something that is used by celebrities who are desperate for people not to realize they are aging. However, what would you say if someone was to tell you that it has more uses than you initially thought possible? One of those is to prevent chronic migraines, which might seem surprising, but medical advances are just that – surprising. The theory behind it is that Botox will counteract the neurotransmitters in your head that would be trying to tell your brain a migraine is happening. Although it might seem a world away from the celebrity use of Botox, the theory makes sense, as the chemical is essentially acting as a roadblock for the neurotransmitters, hopefully stopping the pain in the process. 

Don’t sweat the small stuff

It is also possible to deal with issues with sweating under the arms as you can inject Botox directly into the pores. It might seem like a huge personal problem, but it can be rectified with the needles. Much of the time, Botox just affects the nerve endings in the area it is being injected into, and this is no different with the armpits. The injections essentially immobilize the pores, and as a result, you will sweat less. 

While there are many uses for Botox, most procedures are as discreet as possible, with many cosmetic surgeons trying not to be too invasive. This is the case with SDBotox, which offers procedures similar to those mentioned above. Their team of specialized doctors and nurses will work with you to ensure that you get the best treatment in relation to any condition you may have. 

Life is full of surprises

Now, this is a really surprising one. Who would have thought that something like Botox could be used to combat an overactive bladder?  Normally used as a last resort when behavioral and exercise therapies or medications have been ineffective, it is a surprising treatment for urgency incontinence. Administered under local anesthetic, the procedure involves the numbing of the lining of the bladder and is used to treat neurological problems that come with incontinence. It has been seen to have dramatic improvements on the long-term health of patients and has been FDA approved for years.

So there you have it. Three surprising uses for Botox that you may never have thought of. New uses will continue to be found as medical science researches further into the medicine to see what else can be treated long term. The wonders of modern medicine will never cease. 

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