Things To Remember When Designing A Room For Elderly People

Chenille fabrics

Family ties are one of the oldest traits Asians, Americans, British people and even other cultural practice. Some families live together with three generations under the same roof. It’s pretty common to see big families in Asia.

Grandparents usually help their son and daughter raise their grandchildren by doing household chores and providing financial support. To repay this kindness, their children would take care of them in return.

As we grow older our needs & wants change; that simply applies to elders. Somehow in their younger days they might run the fastest on the staircase and would get up easily on their bed but in their older days, they are getting slower and even need support to stand up and walk.

Creating or designing rooms for elders require thought. It should incorporate the elements that are appropriate for the elderly occupant. Here are some of the things to remember.


If you are designing a bedroom for the elderly consider safety in the bedroom. Better to choose a bed with comfortable height—neither too low nor too high. You can add a quilt that has cotton or linen fabrics.

Cotton and linen are good for the elderly because they have a soft and comfortable touch. It will help them rest at night. During the winter season, it gives them warmth and softness.

Accessible phone

It is ideal to put a phone near the bed and in the bathroom area. Invest in a whole-house intercom system so your grandparents can conveniently call you or any emergency hotlines when they need help.

Welcoming environment

Add accent on your curtains and choose the best colour scheme for them. Chenille fabrics are used not only for curtains but for blankets, throw pillows and comforters. It’s a magnificent choice for elderly people because it brings a soft and pleasant feeling.

Elders prefer a colour that’s pleasant with their eyes, much better if the room could have unified colour and texture.

A Well-Lighted Place

Make the room brighter and provide good lighting on your staircase. A dark room invites Possibility of a bump, fall or being disoriented. It is advisable that elders should stay on the first floor of the house for easier movement.

Most elders are suffering from dementia and having adequate light might give them relaxed and safety feeling.

Knowing time and date

Checking time and date would be a real challenge for elders who have poor eyesight. The traditional clock might not work at this time.

There are simplified clocks which are digital that can tell if it’s Friday night and would register the time too. They can use an automatic or digital clock that has a bigger font so they can see the time easily.

Nigh time incontinence

Having no control over urination and defecation might be upsetting not for elders but also for the carer, but despite this, there are ways to control the situation.

● Using waterproof quilts and duvet protector can be prepared easily and would help them go back to sleep. This can also protect the bed and bedding.

● Microfibers fabric is absorbent fabric and can be used as bedding and quilts. They are suitable for the elderly who can’t really control their incontinence.

Easy Access

Elders With arthritis have difficulties in turning a doorknob or even climbing a stare might be a chore, even painful task. Replacing doorknobs with lever-style hardware and the floor level might be adjusted for them too.

To Conclude

Simple and easy adjustments for our loved ones are appreciated for all the sacrifices and hard work they have done for their family.

These are just a way to show them you value the love they have given. Share your love by remembering all the things that are good for them before decorating their sanctuary.


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