Things to Consider for Purchasing a Faucet

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Are you planning to renovate your bathroom? If yes, the faucets are an important aspect! Today, you will find faucets in a vast range of finishes and shapes. You can also browse through the modestly priced faucets, which brings many possibilities for you. And when it comes to water conservation and interactivity, the new age bathroom faucets provide you convenience.

However, when you begin to select the bathroom faucets, you will have to consider a few factors. You need to realize if you are using an old sink or are purchasing a new one. You also need to consider the faucet opening and the features that you want. It is essential to consider the budget for the faucet as well. A few other considerations comprise the bathroom size and taps used in the home you stay in.

The faucet types

Are you planning to retrofit a brand-new faucet to an already existing sink or want to purchase a sink ensemble? In both cases, you have to match the faucet type to the sink’s hole openings. As you are checking out the market options, you can look at Kraus steel on black faucet.

• The single-hole faucets blend the mixing handles and spout. It usually has one lever in a unit that needs a single drilled sinkhole. In the case of retrofits, a few models comprise the bottom plate, covering the three-hole openings. The single-hole faucets are best for the small sinks, for instance, the powder room baths. The ease and simplicity highlight the new-age sensibilities. 

• The widespread mounts come with three distinct pieces. It comprises a spout and two handles. And the usual distance between each handle is close to 8 inches. Also, the three parts are more prominent than other bath faucet types. The small versions are known as the mini-spreads and are designed for the four inches holes drilled apart.

• The central-set faucets fit the three-hole sinks! It comes either with a single level or has two handles mounted atop the six-inch plate. It is the best option for bathroom sinks. 

• The wall mount faucets have also gained prominence with the vessel-type and freestanding sinks that need longer spouts, which extend atop the bowl.

You can’t categorize every faucet! Some brands make faucets that you can incorporate in a mirrored wall cabinet. Most of the time, you will find a small flow control level that peeks out from beneath the reflected self.

The faucet finishes

There is good news here! In an attempt to introduce new products, the fixture service providers have come up with advanced options. Thanks to the new-age secure clear-coat sealers and the affordable faucets, you have options for lifelong warranties for each of the finishes today.

However, there’s something to ponder as well. Today, multiple options comprise of the following choices:

• Stainless steel
• Polished Brass
• Brushed bronze
• Polished chrome
• Polished nickel
• Brushed chrome
• Hammered Nickel
• Oil-rubbed bronze
• White, black, and the decorative ceramic

It is also essential not to overlook the gold finish, which many consider as a smart investment. All these choices might provide you with a sensory overload. However, you can opt-in for the decision-making guidelines:

• You need to forget the metal for a while and focus on the look. It’s best to browse through a showroom where the finishes are showcased and choose the one you love best. 

• You can also coordinate all the finishes in every bathroom so that the hard-surfaces, comprising the door hardware, towel bars, and lighting fixtures, have a uniform finish.

• The polished finishes are classy, but you need regular upkeep so that they look good.

• The brushed finishes are better when it comes to concealing fingerprints and water spots.

Few questions to ponder on

Do you want to decide which faucet is perfect for your bathroom? If yes, you need to ask yourself a few questions, such as:

1. What fits the sink correctly?

Your sink directly influences the bathroom faucet you choose. You will need a faucet that syncs in with the hole opening. You could be retrofitting the faucet to the sink you used for a while, or you might want to purchase a new sink and faucet. In both cases, you need to know the hole type you require.  

2. What are the features essential for you?

One of the ideal parts of new-age faucets is that you have several options. Do you want to opt-in for a low-flow type that helps you to conserve water? Or are you keen on an aerator which can minimize the water usage and help you save cash? You might also get interested in the hands-free faucet, which is “motion-activated” to start as you place the hand beneath and stops as you place the hands away. You can also opt-in for the ozone-activated antibacterial faucets designed to kill the bacteria present in the water. You need to check the possibilities and see what is essential for you.

3. Have you considered your budget?

You need to know the budget you can afford as it plays an integral part in faucet shopping. It will ensure that you don’t overspend. You need to make use of the budget that you set for the bathroom and check the faucets and its features that you can opt-in for.

4. What are the faucets in similar homes?

The other tried-and-tested process for attaining remodeling inspiration is browsing faucets that you can find in homes similar to yours. You need to check at the residences in your region and assess all that they have to offer. Is there a particular faucet type that is predominant? It will help you to walk in a specific direction and help you make a purchase.

Today, there are several expert service providers of bathroom faucets you can opt-in for when deciding to purchase. These service providers can offer you reduced prices and excellent faucet features and types. You can check the service provider’s reputation and opt-in for the one that caters to all your requirements and budget capacity.

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