These are the 10 Favorite Kitchen Painting Colors

Paint Color Ideas

Seriously, your kitchen doesn’t have to be all white. Adding color is always the best means of changing the things up in your kitchen— no construction, no renovation, just your paint and your brush. Whether you are that Greige type of person or somebody that loves the pop of anything that is vibrant. Here are the rounded up over 10 kitchens with their gorgeous paint colors that will help you to get started. You can punch up those cabinets with the bright reds and blues or just the ground the big space with that soothing green or gray. No matter what will be your color preference—and if you are really stumped for inspiration—we have got fresh paint color ideas for your kitchen, there are also some designer examples, and tips that will help and guide you to decide which one will best fit your kitchen and your personality as well. Head here for some of the most favorite shades. 

1. Eggplant – this is a very striking kitchen where your choice of design cabinets from the color line with the shade of purple or eggplant dubbed Burnt Toast. The mauve-streaked marble will bring out that inky eggplant. 

2. Pale Green – the pale green will seamlessly blend with your dining area and your kitchen and this will have its special effect when it is being paired with those Moroccan clay tile backsplash and the ombre dining bar stool in your living room. 

3. Marigold – the warm marigold painting in your kitchen is grounded by the cool gray cabinets. Its floor tiles will speak to their gray tones while its gold hardware will compliment the yellow for that cohesive whole. For that similar feeling, opt for the yellow paint that is just bright, clean and rich enough to become warmer. 

4. Peach Lacquer – if you are not afraid to integrate with color, then, try using peach and blush pink and the innate aqua lacquered cabinets will be reflected, and that means they will make that space feeling large like a classic colorful mirror trick. 

5. Lavender – your kitchen will be timeless, glamorous and unique, but are still grounded. This lavender swirl of paints on the buttercream backdrop complements the complicated blue chandelier. Then the neutral, classic cabinets and the island ground a space. 

6. Cobalt Blue – for an apartment or studio type of kitchen, the powder coat of that surface in the cobalt blue will give you that durable and bold finish. 

7. Dark Navy – for that moody masterpiece feeling of the kitchen, the emotive shades of dark blue will give it. The backsplash and the wooden counters will keep the space warmer and casual while a deep and almost dark paint will make for that cozy and intimate atmosphere. In some lights, it will look really blue, while with the others, it is almost black. 

8. Crimson – if you want that feeling of adventure in your kitchen, take the warm color palette with and then packs plenty of surface-rich materials in the small spaces to make it sense less stark. A red anchor takes that full and sultry feeling in the room.


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