The Ultimate Guide To Buy The Best Bed Sheets

king size bed sheet

Buying bed sheets may sound like a simple task, but it is extremely crucial. Studies have shown that we spend about a third of our lives asleep, therefore it is important to do good research before buying a bedsheet which satisfies all our needs and aids us in getting a good night’s sleep There are so many options available in the market which can be overwhelming to bed sheet buyers.

We have researched on your behalf and here is the ultimate guide to buying the best bed sheets:

1. Thread count:

Thread count is a term which is commonly used to define the quality of a bedsheet. It indicates the sum of the number of threads woven horizontally and vertically per square inch of the material. Higher the thread count, the softer the bed sheet will be. Bed sheets with high thread count are also more durable when compared to a lower one. A common king size bed sheet has a thread count of 200 which is perfect for our day-to-day needs. Remember to choose a bed sheet which has a thread count ranging between 200-800 to ensure a comfortable sleeping experience.

2. Material:

Bedsheets are available in many types of materials such as cotton, flannel, silk, lyocell, silk, polyester, microfiber, silk, and bamboo. Cotton bedsheets are the most commonly found sheets in the market and are comfortable all around the year. Cotton fiber can be further classified as long staple and short staple. Longer staple cotton fibers are superior when compared to shorter fibers because they’re stronger and smoother than varieties with shorter fibers.

If you’re on the lookout for bed sheets which add a touch of luxury to your room, then linen and silk bed sheets are the best options. They have amazing quality and hence are more expensive than cotton. And they need more care in cleaning and maintenance. Linen bed sheets are thrice as durable as their cotton counterparts and can last for decades. Linen sheets are perfect for the summer season as they keep us cool by allowing heat to escape. They’re also mildew-resistant and anti-microbial by nature. Over time, linen bed sheets become softer with repeated wash.

Silk bed sheets are also highly durable. They are suitable for all weather conditions as they keep us warm during winter and cool during summer. They are also hypoallergenic and hence are perfect for people who are suffering from allergies. Always remember that these silk sheets have to be cleaned professionally to prevent any damage.

Lyocell bed sheets are comfortable, durable, and are eco-friendly. More at this site.

Bamboo bed sheets are gaining popularity in the market due to their sustainable and anti-bacterial nature. These sheets also last for decades and are very soft.

Budget-friendly bed sheets are manufactured by blending polyester with materials like cotton. Microfiber is a variation of polyester and is woven tightly.

Flannel bed sheets are a popular option for the winter season as they trap body heat and keep us warm.

3. Size:

Bedsheets are available in three standard sizes in the market- single bedsheet, king size bed sheet, and queen size bed sheet. Ensure that the bed sheets you buy are long enough to fit your mattress. Single bed sheets have a standard size of 60 inches * 90 inches. King size bed sheets have standard dimensions of 76 in * 80 in and are suitable for beds which accommodate at least two people. Whereas queen bed sheets have dimensions of 60 inches * 80 inches.

4. Weaving:

Bed sheets are available in several types of weaves such as single-ply, double-ply, flannel, Sateen, Percale, and Jersey.

Single-ply bed sheets are made of single threads whereas double-ply bed sheets are made by twisting two threads into a single thread.

Flannel sheets are made of loosely knit cotton, wool, or synthetic fibers. They are ideal for the winter season because they trap the body heat and keep us warm and cosy. Percale bed sheets have a tight cotton weave with a smooth and crisp finish. These sheets are lightweight, breathable and perfect for people living in warm climates.

Sateen bed sheets have a silk-like sheen and wrinkle-free. Because of their thick yarn size, they are perfect for cold evenings.

Jersey fabric is soft and stretchy and is usually made of cotton-blend fibers.

5. Maintenance instructions:

Be aware of the maintenance steps provided by the bedsheet manufacturer and follow them carefully as these steps will help you to keep the bedsheets new and damage-free.

6. Return policy

If you are planning to buy bedsheets from an online store then don’t forget to check their return policy. If the bed sheet doesn’t fit your bed, then you must be able to return it or exchange for a new one without any issue.


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