The Must-Buy Saudi Souvenirs After Umrah Itinerary

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Are you planning to have an Umrah this year? then why don’t you invite your friends to join you for this remarkably spiritual experience? Umrah with group strengthens the trust and brotherhood among Muslim fellows. Traveling with your friends ensures safety along with the shared accommodation and transportation. If you already have your Umrah with family, then plan your Umrah with your besties this time. I had an overwhelmingly joyous Umrah experience with my best friends who are my office colleagues as well. We altogether formed a proximity Umrah group because we consulted the same travel company and chose the suitable group Umrah packages.

We spent quality time in Ibadah, duas and religious discussions together. We also managed time to have shopping for our families. We couldn’t forget them. I bought a toy camel for my toddler boy from a toyshop there. To my joy, instead of any irksome music or meaningless lyrics, the soulful recording of Talbiyah was inculcated into the back of a camel. Whenever he pressed the camel’s back, he listened to the words of Talbiyah with such an engrossment. If you are luckiest enough to perform Hajj or Umrah with a group or alone, take some things of joy as gifts for your fam-jam and little kiddies. Any gift or souvenir of Makkah is priceless for sure. Here is the list of Saudi or Umrah souvenirs you can buy for your families and loved ones.

Prayer Mats, Prayer Beads and the Holy Quran

Prayer mats, prayer beads and the Holy Quran are dotted over there. So you can bring these reverential Saudi items to make your house filled with Allah’s blessings. Don’t go for big and heavy prayer mats. Take small and portable ones for your convenience. ZamZam water is another healthily and spiritually superb souvenir to bring home with you. It is an emblem of Divine miracle with a lot of health benefits. Although it is hard to transport by plane some airlines allow transportation of up to five liters with special packages. Bring it for your kids for sure. Prayer Beads are another scintillating and easy to transport gifts for your loved elderly ones. These prayer beads are made with silver, amber, nuts, semi-precious stones and sandalwood. The more your elders use them in their prayers, the more reward you would get from Allah ( SWT).

Makkah and Madinah- A Home of Natural Herbs

These two Twin Saudi cities are rich in natural herbs that have immense health benefits. If you or your relatives have health issues, you can buy and bring home for you and your relatives. These natural herbs are the following:

Oud Perfumes & Incense

Everyone loves perfumes and fragrances. The Red Oud perfumes made from the wood of the tropical agar tree is one the best Saudi souvenirs along with the prayer mats and beads. You would love to spray Alcohol-free Saudi Ittars on your dresses.


If someone in your family and friends is ill, then don’t forget to buy Rogne-Ballasam for him/her. It is a precious item of finding in Makkah and Madinah. Ballasam extract is a pure and natural extract of Ballasam tree. Ballasam is a tree present in Wadi –e- Badar and because of its rarity, it is said to be very expensive. But nothing is more expensive than your health. This extract has numerous health benefits. Its gives relief from piles, paralysis, injuries and diabetes-related pain, liver injection and linked diseases. The other notable items are

•    Nabi Booti and Maryam Booti for gynecological issues and the Sugar Booti for diabetic patients.

•    Aswad Surma

•    Miswak Sticks

Ajwa Dates & Other Special Treats

Who can forget the pure, natural sweet Saudi treats and fruit of Heaven? Yes, these are dates and Ajwa dates in particular. The Ajwa dates are grown in Madinah and the favorite fruit of the Holy Prophet (SAW). There are many health benefits of Ajwa dates as well. It keeps you away from serious harms, effects of poison and magic. To buy authentic Ajwa dates you should look for the white fine lines on the dates.

Abaya and Women accessories

The shops for Abayas and women accessories are found right outside the compound of Holy Prophet (SAW)’s mosques and locations nearby. The items that should be bought from these shops are Abayas, veils and head scarfs. The men can also buy the traditional Saudi clothing items for men such as Thawbs or thobes or simply robes. You can find various street vendors selling these robes selling in considerably lower prices.

Gold Jewelry

Gold in Makkah is known to have a very high quality and value. Much of the jewelry is made from 21-carat Gold in Jeddah. You can buy gold pieces for your wife, daughters and sisters like necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets and more – with local designs rather than imported ones.

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