The History Behind Focal Utopia

Leading Brand

Focal has been focusing on making home audio loudspeakers, vehicle speaker drivers and amplifiers, and, more recently, headphones for more than 40 years. Recently it released the Focal Utopia statement headphones.

This values acoustic knowledge and developing unique technologies, devoting a significant deal of time and energy to product development. Focal’s ultimate goal is to make each moment of listening to music a special occasion. To understand it better, let’s take a look at its history.

Founder of the Focal

Jacques Mahul, a budding engineer and technological journalist, started making loudspeaker drivers at his father’s industrial engineering business in Saint-Etienne in late 1979. Mahul established all Focal and JMlab shortly after. In short, Focal’s products are currently divided into five categories: Car, Integration, Home, Professional, and Headphones. 

Focal as a Leading Brand

Focal, founded in Saint-Étienne in 1979, magnificently exemplifies the city’s spirit of creativity and innovation. Focal is known for pushing the limits of sound technology. These innovations have captured the hearts (and ears) of audiophiles worldwide. While Focal has attained international success, it has remained true to its beginnings, upholding the “Made in France” spirit.

The entirety of the company’s manufacture in France is a matter of pride and responsibility for Focal. Technological innovation and assembly lines for headphones and loudspeakers are housed in a 188,000-square-foot production facility in Saint-Étienne. Focal feels this is the most effective technique to maintain complete design and quality control.

Focal is one of the few audio firms globally that regularly invests in research. To boost the effectiveness of hi-fi audio and the majesty of music, Focal combines innovation and heritage. 

It’s a beauty that comes through in the form of finely constructed equipment that pays homage to the artist’s musical creativity. Jacques Mahul, the company’s creator, has always been dedicated to faithfully reproducing music in the manner intended by the artist.

Focal sees its products as more than just solid audio devices; they’re also lifestyle objects. As a result, each aspect has been meticulously researched, created, and refined. As a result, they are extraordinary items that deliver excellent performance while maintaining a distinguished appearance.

Focal Utopia – Conclusion

Focal was ready to expand into new areas, with a long history of designing globally acclaimed speakers. Focal released their debut headphone, the Spirit One, in 2012. These were created in China after being engineered and designed in France.

In 2016, Focal Utopia open-back headphones, which included the world’s only beryllium headset driver, were released as a definitive benchmark piece. The Utopia had a one-of-a-kind innovative driver design. The Utopia was entirely handcrafted. 

The Focal Utopia uses Focal’s famous technology made out of beryllium that promises less weight, a lot more rigidity, and water resistance. It is tough to work with a costly metal like beryllium. However, to improve sound quality, this metal becomes a necessity. 

Unfortunately, most metals grow more flexible and less stiff during production. Beryllium has a high-intensity ratio compared to any other material currently known. This distinguishes beryllium and the Focal manufacturing technique, making it the best in the business. 

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