The Guide That Makes Using the Instagram API for Your Business Simple

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Did you know that businesses average a 1.46% month-on-month growth on Instagram? That’s the kind of marketing industry growth most businesses take years to achieve.

So what’s the secret? Well, chances are the Instagram API is in use. The API allows both software creators and end-users alike to automate.

In doing so they can maximize the potential of their social media posting. In turn, this generates more engagement and faster growth.

What Is an API?

An Application Programming Interface provides rules or instructions written by developers. Others then use this API who want to create applications such as an Instagram design app using those same rules.

Suppose you want to build a website where customers could upload photos. You would need to write code that allowed you to do that.

But instead of writing all that code yourself, you can hire someone else to do it instead. Especially when thousands of people start uploading pictures every day.

An API does the same thing, except with data. It lets programmers access information stored somewhere else. They can access the information without having to go through everything.

Think of APIs like a phone book; once you’ve found the number you’re looking for, you call up the person.

Suppose you are trying to find out which restaurants had gluten-free options. You’d ask your friends or family members. They already know these things.

All you did have to do is tell them “Hey, there’s a restaurant near here that has gluten-free food.” Then they’d give you the name and address.

What Is the Instagram API?

The Instagram API exists to enhance the Instagram sales funnel. It automating certain tasks such as scheduling posts.

Further, it allows you to create content and measure results. The result is an increase in conversions and a growing audience.

How Does the Instagram API Work?

Instagram uses its own proprietary algorithm to determine if a post will appear in a user’s feed. Yet, the Instagram API gives control over your account. It gives you the ability to play by the algorithm.

For example, you can choose to show only specific types of images or you can hide any type of image altogether. You also have full control over the timing of our posts.

With the Instagram API, you can schedule posts ahead of time. Then you can change the settings later if necessary.

This means that you can optimize our accounts based on real-world events. You can do so while still keeping our followers engaged throughout the year.

What Are the Business Benefits of the Instagram API?

Increase Engagement

The more engagement you received, the higher your follower count will become. When users see that you engage with others, they feel comfortable following you back. As a result, this increases your reach as you go.

Grow Sales

Most businesses used social media platforms to promote themselves. Thus, makes sense that they would want to maximize their exposure.

One of the great way to achieve this goal is to automate posting. Once you set up an automated system, you won’t need to be present at all times to ensure that your business stays active.

What’s more, you can create many campaigns so that you aren’t limited by one platform. You could run a campaign promoting new products during the holiday season. Then, you can run another promoting summer specials and another promoting fall deals.

Save Time and Money

Automated systems allow you to save both money and time. Instead of spending hours uploading photos every day. you can spend those same hours doing something else instead.

This frees up valuable time that you can put towards other activities. Managing your social media presence can take much time without the Instagram API.

Get More Traffic

Having a strong social media presence helps drive traffic to your website. Organic growth is always preferred. But having a well-designed automated system can help boost your site visits. Suppose you don’t already have a solid SEO strategy in place. 

Improve Customer Service

Many people prefer interacting with brands via social media. That’s because they enjoy asking questions without feeling like they are bothering someone.

They may even share personal stories about how much they love your product or service. An easy way to provide customer support is through automation.

You can respond at speed when customers post issues. This speed gives them the impression that you care about what they say. 

People who follow you tend to trust you as a source of information. By providing helpful content, you build credibility among your audience. Not only does this make them loyal fans, but it also builds loyalty within your own company.

Create Brand Awareness

Social media marketing increases the awareness of companies across various industries. With over 2 billion monthly visitors, there is no doubt of the role that Instagram plays. It’s a major force in spreading the word about any given brand.

Generate Leads

When you use automation tools, you can send out messages to potential leads based on their interests. You can then track conversions and measure ROI.

Using Instagram’s API to Automate Your Content

Automating your content is a great way of keeping up with what people are talking about and sharing on social media. It can also helps you create more engaging posts, which will increase engagement and followers. Here are some more ways you can automate your content:

Use Hashtags

Hashtags are keywords that are often searched by users looking for specific types of images. Make sure to add these tags to all your posts so that your image gets discovered.

Tag Friends

Another effective method of automating your content involves tagging friends in your posts. Custom rules are accessible using the API to automate this process. For example, suppose you tag @johnsmith123456789.

Every time you upload an image, his account receives notifications. This means that John Smith will see these photos.

Schedule Posts

Scheduled posts ahead of time allows you to plan exactly when each type of photo should go live. There are many scheduling apps available.

Examples include Hootsuite, Buffer, and Publer. These all use Instagram’s API to achieve this automation.

Add Location Data

If you have location data associated with your business, consider adding it to your profile. Users like seeing where businesses are because it helps them feel connected to the community around them.

Include Photos From Events and Promotions

Many brands take advantage of events and promotions to promote products and services. To maximize exposure, try taking pictures at events and uploading them straight into your feed.

How Does the Instagram API Benefit a Smart Marketing Strategy?

Most businesses operating on social media are aware of the SMART method, whether that’s in leadership or strategy. And a good content marketing strategy is no different. Here are some ways the Instagram API is useful in achieving this strategy:

Specific rules and instructions for ensuring reliable content posting

Measurable by using the API to track engagement statistics

Attainable in making sure the software is suitable for the size of your team compared to your network

Realistic in what’s achievable using the software and how it can increase your reach and generate new leads or sales

Timely as it’s easy to regulate and structure set routines for a steady, continuous growth pattern

These factors all together mean that the Instagram API is the perfect answer. That’s true if you’re looking to use a 3rd party Software as a Service (SaaS). It’s also true if you’re creating your own application.

The Instagram API Is Engaging

In summary, there are several reasons why the Instagram API is one of the top tools used by marketers today. It provides real-time insights into user behavior. This insight allows companies to make more informed decisions with their online presence.

Further, the Instagram API makes it possible for businesses to interact with ease. They can do so through automated processes without having to post updates themselves.

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