The Essence of Modern Fashion


Fashion in 70s, 80s and earlier used to be definitive compared to now. Everyone was wearing similar clothes and matching hairstyles, with only limited variations. Modern fashion is not about following a certain trend and just going with the flow; today it is a lifestyle chosen by individuals to define their personality and express their beliefs. Unlike old times, comfort and creativity is far more important than following a herd to fit in.

If you look around, not everyone is wearing flared jeans, striped shirts or a fedora. There are so many clothing brands out now, each of them making a unique statement. Many guys and girls like to design or stich their clothes themselves as well. People dress according to their personal preferences or immediate surroundings. Additionally, the numerous trends that have surfaced over the years have given rise to different stereotypes among people. A few fashion categories you may have heard of include Boho (or bohemian), Minimalist, Goth, Vintage, Street, and Chic.

Fashion is more than just the clothes, as it includes the shoes, accessories (jewelry, handbag etc.), and makeup as well. Fashion has evolved into something so independent that nothing is immoral or socially unacceptable anymore. Celebrities have a major influence on fashion design australia because brands hire them to promote stuff, and people idolize them. Different parts of the world produce distinct fashion items governed by factors such as culture, climate, and religion. However, fusion of the east and west elements has become a norm, whether its clothes, food, or anything else. The Easterners admire the Westerners, while the Westerners are fascinated by the Easterners.

Today there is no hard and fast rule to how you assemble an outfit. You can wear sneakers with a woman’s dress, a dress shirt with shorts, a leather jacket with a chiffon jumpsuit, no questions asked. Keep in mind that what you wear will be judged; some will applaud for your bold or unconventional choices, whereas others might call you weird or insane. You can never be sure if your fashion sense shall be labeled as ‘revolutionizing’ or simply ‘bad’ at the end of the day.

It is very much possible that two entirely contrasting items of fashion complement each other. Currently it is all about mix & match, experimenting and doing something out of the ordinary. Hair and makeup are another two extensive branches of fashion; things people do with their hair and face today would be unimaginable in the golden days. You shall be familiar with the recent trends of Rainbow, Neon, Ombre and completely silver hair. The makeup products available today are infinite and have the power to transform you into another person.

It is a valid argument that modern fashion may have helped identity theft become mainstream with all the ways you can change your look with the right kind of outfit, hair style and makeup. The good thing is that everybody can be the kind of beautiful person they desire. Every individual is unique when it comes to ethnicity, facial features, body type, temperament, and inclinations. The type of fashion that suits or attracts one person might repel the other; hence why not embrace what makes you feel good about yourself?


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