The Best Easy To Play Slots

Forest Mania

There’s a common misconception among new players that all slot machines are made equal — that they deliver simple gameplay, with readily available bonuses. This isn’t true.

Although there are plenty of easy to play slots including Forest Mania out there, there’s just as many, if not more, that provide high volatility. For those not familiar with the term, this means that you’ll have a challenging playthrough on your hands, one which could lose you more money than you win.

But what constitutes an easy slot?

What Counts As An Easy to Play Slot?

Although there’s an element of subjectivity in deciding which slots are easy to play, there’s certain features we look for to help us decide.

In the case of the slot machines we’ve selected, it’s their simple paytable and controls that helped determine their ease of use, as well as their betting thresholds. However, we did also look at the RTP and volatility, as mentioned above.

Best Slots Developers For Beginners

Most of the time, easy to play slot machines are most important for beginners. Therefore, it helps to know which developers are better suited to the novice players among you.

There is nothing wrong with simply wanting to play an easier, simpler game — after all, your experience is about having fun, not wanting to throw your laptop across the room. In our opinion, no slot machine should be stressful to play.

The three developers we find the most accessible are Pragmatic Play, Play’n GO, and Microgaming. This isn’t to say these three are better than other developers, but rather that their vast experience with the industry has enabled them to streamline and refine their titles to cater for all types of players.  

Our Top Easy To Play Slots

  • Star Joker, Play’n GO
  • Triple Tigers, Pragmatic Play
  • Big Top, Microgaming
  • Extra Fruity, Pragmatic Play

If you test drive these games for yourselves, which you can do at many UK online casinos, you’ll notice that they all have common elements. Most notably, that they offer a classic fruit machine experience.

Arguably, this is the reason for their accessibility: they’re designed to be played quickly, without fuss, whenever you want. What is more, there’s few rules to learn, thus ensuring you can start winning within a short amount of time.

On the other side of this though, given the simplicity of the reels and their paylines, most of these games have limited or sometimes no bonus games. Consequently, these easy to play slots have less longevity than ones which offer several extras and special features.

Final Thoughts On Finding Easy To Play Slot Machines

When it comes to finding easy to play slots, you’re best sticking to old school, more classically laid out titles. Then, once you’ve mastered the basics of those reels, then you can try your skills on more complicated titles.


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