The Best Coffee Machine For Your Needs : How To Choose?

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More and more people prefer to work from home. This tendency considerably increased the number of purchased coffee machines and other coffee-making equipment for home. For some people the reason is to try more sophisticated kinds of coffee, while for others it’s a way out to have high-quality coffee right from their kitchen with no need to get it from somewhere outside the house.

For those, who don’t have enough time for manual methods of grinding and brewing coffee, like French Press or Pour Over, buying a coffee machine is a quick and simple solution.

To sum it up, there are 3 main kinds of coffee machines that are present on the market today:

  1. espresso machines – perfect fit for espresso lovers, allows to make lattes and macchiatos as well;
  2. drip coffee machines – good for those who prefer to drink coffee during some hours, also a good solution for a group of people; 
  3. single-serve coffee maker – best for single people, provides you with a cup of coffee quickly and effortlessly.

Espresso machines

Espresso machines are always associated with the Italian style of coffee. With this kind of machine you can be sure that you will get an intense and bitter taste of traditional coffee. Unlike drip coffee makers or French press, espresso machines won’t disappoint you if you are looking for a cup of a strong concentrated brew. Make sure to use dark roasted beans because this type of machine works with high pressure to grind the coffee beans. It will also give you a brew with a rich taste and outstanding crema with no acidic flavor. Regular Espresso machines have inbuilt coffee grinder, so you won’t have to be worried about grinding your beans manually right before brewing. 

Italian coffee machines usually are made to serve one or two shots of espresso at once. The brew you get has around 40-75 mg of caffeine per ounce, which makes it a quite concentrated and fulfilling drink. The coffee you get from the best espresso machines is served in a small cup, so if you want beverages of bigger volume, some machines also have lattes and cappuccinos options.

Drip coffee machines

These machines are standard for the coffee industry. With a Drip coffee machine you can choose the volume of the brew that you want, so there is no need to be troubled that you might not get enough caffeine. You can choose any kind of beans that you prefer, so there is a wide range of coffee experiments to discover the best fit for your needs. Decaf coffee or low-caffeine coffee are easy to make. You may use store-bought ground coffee or grind coffee by yourself. Some machines have integrated grinding, so all it takes is just one push of a button and some time. 

Drip coffee machines have a pot of an ordinary size, so it makes it a great choice for the family or the group of colleagues. The regular portion of a coffee is enough to fill a mug, and it contains 70-185 mg of caffeine. The concentration very much depends on the type of coffee beans that you are using, so make sure to choose the right beans for your needs.

Single-serve coffee machines

If you want to describe single-serve coffee in just two words, those would definitely be Simple and Convenient. You will get a portion of the beverage quickly and effortlessly. The peculiarity of this coffee machine is that it uses pre-prepared coffee pods. No need for measuring, roasting, grinding, plunging… The process of making coffee in this case requires you just 4 simple actions: pour fresh water, add the pod, put your mug in the right place, and simply push the button. Nothing else, the machine does the rest of the work for you to get the brew in just a few minutes. 

This coffee machine is the best choice for busy single people, as it doesn’t take much time and effort. Some machines are made for reusable pods, so you are able to fill it up with your favorite kind of a grind. 

Also, consider

You should pay attention to the additional feature and options that the coffee machines offer:

  • personalization – choose personalized settings and set them every time you make coffee
  • automatic cleaning – allows the machine to clean itself by flushing in just few minutes
  • smart controls – control your coffee maker from your smartphone, but make sure that the mug is placed in the right place
  • milk frother – allows to make cappuccinos
  • automatic frothing – integrated frother to make cappuccinos much easier
  • steam wand – gives more control over the texture of milk, mainly used for commercial machines

While it might seem complicated to choose the right coffee machine, it pays off to spend enough time to figure out which one suits you best. 

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