The Best 8 Cities To Visit In The United States In 2020

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Since the pandemic has made it impossible to travel internationally, how about visiting some of the US’s best cities after things cool down a little, you can plan an amazing road trip and have an excellent vacation without leaving the country, and spending too much money.

However, the US is a very big country, and there are many amazing cities that you can visit, therefore here is a list of eight amazing cities that you should have on your list after the coronavirus ends.

Even if the pandemic doesn’t allow you to go ahead with your plans this year, I hope that this list inspires your travels later on.

New Orleans:

Everyone needs to visit New Orleans at least once in their lifetime. New Orleans has a lot to offer, but above all, it is known for its exciting nightlife and vibrant live music scene. Almost every bar you pass in New Orleans, you will hear some amazing live music.

The cuisine and culture in New Orleans are also one of its main attractions. The city has a lot of history, don’t forget to visit bourbon street, which is the heart of New Orleans French Quarters. Here you will see the distinct architecture and culture of New Orleans.

Jacksons Square and the St Louis cathedral are also some popular tourist attractions in New Orleans.

New York City:

New York is one of the best and liveliest cities in the entire world. Dubbed as the city that never sleeps, you will never run out of things to do and sights to see in New York City. From Times Square to walls street, from central park to the Statue of Liberty, there are so many amazing attractions in this amazing city that you can’t count.

You should visit the empire state building, and go to its observation deck on the top floor; the entire New York Skyline is visible from this point, therefore, don’t forget to bring your binoculars. Make sure to get the best binoculars for kids so that they don’t feel left out.

One of the greatest pleasures of New York City is merely strolling on its streets. Furthermore, it is the best place to get the most authentic pizza in the US, so don’t forget to try a slice.

Honolulu, Hawaii:

Hawaii is one of the most popular vacation destinations in the world. You can’t visit Honolulu on your road trip; however, this city is worth the flight. Though urban cities are not what comes to mind when talking about Hawaii, the capital city Honolulu offers a very unique and different experience.

From vibrant and small markets to high-end brand outlets, Honolulu has a lot to offer, but above all, the feature that attracts most tourists to Hawaii are the beaches and the resorts.

Austin, Texas:

If a phrase were to encapsulate Austin, Texas completely, it would be “small-town and big-city vibes.” This amazing Texan city has managed to reserve its quirks while adding a lot of sophistication as well.

The music scene and nightlife in this city is off the charts, and it attracts many tourists, however, even more people are attracted to Austin, Texas because of the diverse food scene. You will find many food trucks, restaurants, cocktail bars, and breweries in Austin, however, the barbecue in this city is to die for.

Therefore, you have to hire a party bus in Texas and visit Austin, Texas, to taste the best BBQ of your life.


If a vibrant music scene and an energetic nightlife are what you are after, then Nashville won’t disappoint. Nashville is like paradise for any music lover, from the Grand Ole Opry house to the country music hall of fame museum, this city has a lot of music history. You should also check out the Ryman Auditorium, and Johnny Cash museum in downtown Nashville.

Nashville also has some amazing award-winning restaurants and hotels, and even a person who isn’t that much of a country music fan will love this romantic and lively city.

Washington DC:

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Washington, DC, is the most majestic city in the US; it has a lot of tourist attractions and amazing buildings. You can visit the white house, the national mall, the Washington monument, Lincoln’s memorial, and the famous Smithsonian museum.

Furthermore, Washington, DC, isn’t only government buildings and historical monuments. In fact, over recent years, the city has gone through a welcome transformation. The city also has some amazing and lavish hotels, some of the best restaurants in the country and many other fun things.

Therefore, if you are looking to visit the best cities in the US, keep Washington DC on your list.

Los Angeles, California:

LA, the city of angels, is one of the biggest in the US, and it is home to Hollywood. LA is one of the most energetic and liveliest cities in the country, and there are a lot of attractions to see. From the Hollywood walk of fame to the Universal studios, there is a lot to see for every film buff. You can also take guided bus tours to show you all the amazing film-related spots in the city.

You can also visit the Santa Monica pier, and the Griffith observatory if you want something different. Furthermore, there are also many amazing beaches to visit in Los Angeles.


modern architecture

The windy city, Chicago, is another city in the US that you need to visit on your road trip. It has several world-class museums and a skyline as impressive as any other in the world. Chicago is one of the best cities to experience modern architecture.

The city has some excellent hotels and restaurants, and there are plenty of sights to see. You should visit the millennium park and check out the cloud gate. The art institute of Chicago is also a popular attraction in the city.

Furthermore, when you pass through Chicago, you can afford to miss out on some authentic deep-dish style pizza.

Final thoughts:

2020 hasn’t been easy on anyone, and if we ever needed a vacation to clear our mind, it is after the madness of this year ends. The pandemic has also taken a financial toll on most people, so an international vacation is out of the picture. Therefore, I have mentioned some of the best cities in the US, that you should hit on your road trip after the pandemic is over.


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