Ten Tips for Weight Loss by Pu-erh

Weight Loss

Tea can lose weight, which has been confirmed by various experiments and research, and more and more people use personal experience to tell us that drinking tea to lose weight is not fiction. Among thousands of kinds of tea, Pu-erh tea’s weight-loss effect is the best, but it also depends on the individual and the way of drinking. It is reported that drinking cooked Pu-erh tea after a meal is conducive to weight loss.

The tea made from Yunnan big leaf tea is processed through Piling fermentation and other processes, which is called Pu-erh cooked tea. Pu-erh cooked tea is brown and red in color, pure in taste, and has a unique aroma. At the same time, drinking Pu-erh tea for a long time can reduce cholesterol and glyceride, so drinking Pu-erh tea for a long time has the benefit of treating obesity. The following is a solution for everyone.

Pay attention to the following points when drinking Pu-erh tea:

First, drinking cooked Pu-erh tea after a meal is good for weight loss. Some people drink Pu-erh tea as a weight-loss medicine and drink the strong tea soup in a timely and quantitative manner, but after a period of time on the weight scale, they still have no effect. In fact, this is an unscientific method of drinking. The correct way to drink tea is to drink it after an hour after a meal, and take a small sip, a small sip slowly, do not be afraid to run the toilet for a long time! But do not drink after 9 o’clock at night, otherwise it will increase The load of the kidneys grows unsightly bags under the eyes.

Second, drink for a long time. In addition to drinking tea, weight loss should also be accompanied by good habits. To drink Pu-erh tea, you must insist on drinking it for a long time to see a significant effect, and you must not steal your mouth when you feel hungry after drinking tea, otherwise you will give up your efforts, and you will not feel so hungry after long-term drinking habits.

Third, the taste can be removed after freezing. Because Pu-erh tea has a special taste, people who do not like its taste can put the brewed tea in the refrigerator first, and then drink it after refrigerating.

Fourth, be sure to use boiling hot water to brew Pu-erh tea.

Fifth, ladies should not drink tea during the third period of “menstruation, pregnancy, lactation”, nor can they drink when taking medicine.

Sixth, people with body heat can easily get angry when drinking new Pu-erh tea, and constipation Pu-erh is hot tea. You can’t drink too much if you are hot and humid. It is easy for people who are hot to drink new Pu-erh cooked tea to get angry. You can add new raw tea to the cooked tea. If the economic conditions are good, you can drink more than 5 years old tea.

Seventh, after successful weight loss, you should continue to keep the habit of drinking Pu-erh tea, so as to ensure that your weight will not rebound.

Eighth, the distinction between raw tea and cooked Pu-erh tea is divided into two types of raw tea and cooked tea. Raw tea is naturally fermented, which is more irritating to the stomach and intestines. Cooked tea is artificially fermented and relatively mild. The basic identification method is that the water brewed from the raw tea is greenish-green, and the brewed tea is golden red.

Ninth, buy authentic Pu-erh tea.

Tenth, drink enough. Many women do not like the bitter taste of tea and generally only put it a little bit. However, it has been scientifically proven that to achieve medicinal effects such as weight loss and health care, it is necessary to drink more than 10 grams of tea per day, and insist on drinking daily and long-term.

Pu-erh tea is suitable for drinking throughout the year, if you feel that you are not used to drinking Pu-erh tea in summer, you can add a few chrysanthemums, the taste will be better. Drinking cooked Pu-erh tea after a meal is good for weight loss, but it must be consumed one hour after a meal.

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