Surprising your Partner on Valentine’s Day

Surprising your Partner on Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is a cherishable time of the year for loved ones. Not just is this an amazing, romance-filled time for couples, Valentine’s day marks celebrating your friends, mother, and even sisters.

Anyone who you deeply cherish and hold close to your heart is someone with who you can surprise and celebrate this year. Such is the purity of love that is in the air this time of the year.

An era before Covid entailed going out for a splendid Valentine’s Day dinner, a movie, or to a romantic holiday spot. Unfortunately, this year most of us around the globe are still stuck in lockdown and can hardly go out due to the Covid scare.

But do not worry, these tips will help you make your Valentine’s day just like you’d dreamt of, as special as a professionally planned Valentine’s day program.

All you need is some DIY decorative kits, some culinary skills, and balloon decoration in Delhi, and other cities, that will all come together to be a haven of love for your loved one.

1. Decorating your home

Choose a beautiful setup location – it could be your living room, your bedroom, a balcony, terrace, or even your garden. There is so much a simple setup can do with just the right tools and some brilliant lighting.

Decorate your chosen location with some simple DIY kits or you can hire a balloon decoration in Delhi to help you with beautiful balloon decor. Simple helium and heart-shaped balloons will always do the trick. Create a romantic setup with some serial lights and lots of candles and voila! You are set to go.

2. Creating a Hidden Surprise

Often on Instagram and Snapchat videos, you may find a treasure hunt game leading up to the big reveal of a valentine’s day gift. Or a trail of rose petals that lead to the beautiful set-up. 

Wrap your presents with handmade notes and create a beautiful and adventurous way for your loved one to find them out. Click plenty of pictures to capture their reactions, these memories will be cherished forever.

3. Cook his/her favorite meal

Cooking is a heartfelt way of communicating with your loved one. Instead of going on an expensive dinner date or ordering in, try cooking your partner’s favorite meal or their favorite dessert. The effort will totally knock their socks off! Plus you get all the extra brownie points for the effort and you just saved yourself lots of money to buy more presents (for yourself too!)

4. Traditional Valentine’s Essentials

Stock up on Valentine’s day essentials such as chocolates, roses, and lots of goodies to exchange. This is the good time of the year to remind your partner how wonderful their company is to you. Gift them something every few minutes and watch them melt away in pure happiness.

This is a sure-shot-winner technique to have the best time together on Valentine’s day. The surprise is the key element of the day. You don’t have to spend too much, it’s just the thought that matters.

Even if it is as little as photographs, gift your loved one something that you cherish from your time together and watch them beam over you for days to come!

5. Spending Quality Time

Last but the least, quality over quantity is truly the thumb rule of the day. The ultimate aim is to spend quality time and make memories together.

So plan a fun activity to do together, it can be as simple as just watching the stars from an open terrace, or watching a movie together on your couch, your favorite series marathon, going for a walk, or just chit-chatting!

Choose a fun activity to do for your time together and make sure you spend the best of times! Click plenty of pictures as we often tend to go back to those loving memories that put a wonderful smile and nostalgia back in our hearts.

These are some of the best tips to surprise your loved one this Valentine’s day! Sure the Covid situation has left us with fewer options, but it is up to us to make the best of our resources.


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