Specialists For Repairing Hot Water Systems

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Different kinds of hot water heating systems such as electrical, gas and solar water heating systems are used. Over a while, any hot water system can develop problems which need the intervention of a hot water specialist. Hot water repairs are required when systems develop issues such as leakage, rust colored water, and the insufficient or complete absence of heating. 

Licensed technicians are available for Hot water repairs for all kinds of water heating systems. You can hire them for your hot water repairs, and they can deal with various kinds of hot water systems. Here you can find different types of hot water systems and their associated problems.

Gas Heating System

Gas water heating systems can be affected by several problems requiring Hot water repairs. Some of them have been mentioned here.

• The gas burner can fail to light either due to defective thermocouple or faulty gas control valve. Defective thermocouple sends wrong signals to the gas valve, which causes the valve to shut off the gas supply even if the burner is on. In this case, you can call a technician to replace the thermocouple. If the gas control valve is faulty, it needs to be replaced.

• Improper heating can be a result of faulty thermostat or damaged burner assembly or gas control valve. The technician either repairs or replaces the thermostat or valve or burner assembly.

• Gas water heater utilizing too much gas can be a result of leakage, damaged flue piping or build-up of debris inside the tank which causes the system to use more energy. The technician will replace the flue piping, drain and clean the tank. They can also identify the leakages of your hot water system and seal them properly.

Electric Heating System

Expert technicians offer hot water repairs for all kinds of problems associated with electric water heating systems. Some of the primary problems are as follows.

• There are various reasons for insufficient heating. They include failure of both the heating elements, defective limit/reset switch of the thermostat or tripping of the circuit breaker. Whatever the reason, the technician will identify the cause and take action accordingly. In most cases, the heating elements or thermostat needs to be replaced.

• The extremely high temperature of water usually happens due to excessive heating caused by a thermostat which is set too high. The technician accurately adjusts the thermostat, and he can replace the thermostat if needed. Issues with wiring can also cause excessive heating which can be rectified by a technician.

• Rust colored hot water is caused by corroded anode rod or corrosion of the tank. A hot water technician will replace the anode rod to increase the life of the water heater. However, a corroded tank needs to be replaced.

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Solar Heating System

Solar water heating system can develop a host of problems. It must be ensured that only technicians licensed to work on solar energy systems are hired for Hot water repairs concerning solar water heating systems. Some of the significant problems requiring repairs are as follows.

• Solar panels need to be working at full capacity to heat water properly. Solar panels which fail to work at full size are repaired or replaced by the technicians.

• Leaks can happen due to damaged temperature and pressure relief valves in solar panels or very high pressure in the panels or leakage in the pipe fittings. The technician will replace the damaged valves or repair the panels or pipes.

Any company offering Hot water repairs must have licensed and insured hot water technicians. The company must also provide an emergency service.


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